Future of technology in health care in 2025

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Future of technology in health care in 2025 by Mind Map: Future of technology in health care in 2025

1. Technology will have a bright future in health care area, because it is more accurate and effective, it can save more time for doctors and nurses to take care of patients. Some techniques have been invented by not yet widely applied, maybe in 2025, those technologies could be used in every health care facilities.

2. Robot will play an important role in pharmacy dispenser in future because “robot could process information much faster and much more accurately than humans” (The Medical Futurist, 2016, para.10). Medication management is a big burden for pharmacist and nurses now, if robot works as dispenser or deliver in future, pharmacist and nurses can stay with patients to develop more individualized and patient-centered care plan, patient will get better service. Panasonic Medication Dispensing and Delivery Robots : DigInfo

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4. Predictions

4.1. • Perception drugs can be brewed at home. • Several food allergies can be treatable. • To control the population: male contraceptive pills become widely available. • Hepatitis B eradicated. • New device diagnosis pancreatic cancer earlier and faster.

5. Telemedicine These days we listen one word, telemedicine. Telemedicine means the use of telecommunication and information of technology to provide clinical health care from distance(Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2008, para. 1). It is helpful a lot in critical care and emergency situations.

6. Online technique like “Intouch Health” can help patients in remote areas have access to high-quality emergency consultations for stroke, cardiovascular, and burn services (The Medical Futurist, 2016, para.5). On-line/remote medical video service will be popular in future, and it will be a great help for people whose medical service condition is not available. The issue is the on-line doctor must be qualified and professional to give health assessment and suggestions. InTouch Health in Action | InTouch Health's Telehealth Network

7. Some company developed robots to go to patients’ home, check on their living conditions, and help make future appointment (The Medical Futurist, 2016, para.4). This kind of robots can greatly decrease the workload of community nurses and family caretakers, so it also will be accepted and widely used in future. One problem is patient privacy protection, nurses who can access to the robot must be authorized in the health care team; another problem is if the patient like to be visited by a robot, how do they feel about talking to a robot? Some patients maybe prefer a real person instead of a robot.

8. Past, Present and Future If we compare past, present and future, there is a lot of changes seen in it. As in past, firstly, there was one big copy and pen to wrote the name and everything of person. There was only paper based system. So, in few words we can say that there was no data security. But, after some years, through the development in technology the changes were seen. The small computers were available. In the present, we can see that we have big computers. We can save the data for long time. Moreover, the patient’s previous history can be saved. In the future, we will expect more from technology. Like robots, to save data. So that there will be no need to open computer and find out.