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Working Alliance by Mind Map: Working Alliance
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Working Alliance

Relationship between the client and the counselor.


Role Ambiquity

Uncertain about the responsiblilties placed on them.




Transference based relationships are generally not reliable.

Real Relationship

Generally, the more positive the real relationship, the stronger the alliance.

Working Alliance

This may be seen as a third component of the working alliance and separate from the real relationship.


Assessment is used in building a relationship in order to find goals, resources, assess strength and weaknesses.

Emotional bond

Role Conflict

When client is asked to do something contrary to their worldview


Talking too much

The client needs to do most of the talking.

Passive client

This is like where we go to the doctor looking for a cure. The client needs to find the solutions and not simply be given them.

Dwelling on Past Issues

Counsellors need to be focused on the here and now and not be tied to past mistakes or "should haves"


focus on here and now


focused on relationship

thematically orientated