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ABSIP by Mind Map: ABSIP

1. Global Innovation Centre (GIC)

1.1. UNOPS Innovation Specialists

1.1.1. Managed by UNOPS

2. Business Development Centre (BDC)

2.1. Research and Development Centre

2.1.1. Managed by Project Jaguar Each organizer should keep a report of participation for the event once it is approved by the Ministry or Department of Education. This information and statistics will be avaliable to academic use aswell for universities and colleges to develop their own internal events. This information will be used to track the in-demand fields (E.G: Math conferences being more popular than English Conferences). This will help to plan where more or less funding is needed

2.2. Makers Lab

2.2.1. Managed by Winston Williams New physical events should be verified or approved by the Ministry of Education in the country being held in.

2.2.2. Culture and Arts Hub

2.2.3. Agro-Processing & Product Dev

2.2.4. Innovative Kitchen

3. Business Innovation Unit

3.1. Innov A

3.1.1. Businesses who: Have no paying customers, No revenue, Cant afford usage fees (Seed Funding)

3.2. Innov B

3.2.1. Businesses who: Have paying customers, Have revenue, Can afford usage fees (Series A Funding)

3.3. Critical Assessment Protocol