building rapport

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building rapport by Mind Map: building rapport

1. 6 key teacher triats to build rapport

1.1. Acknowledge them

1.2. Value them

1.3. Respect them

1.4. Demonstrate fairness

1.5. Exhibit realness

1.6. Are open to humour and having fun

2. Importance of building it

2.1. For Teachers

2.1.1. To know the students better Easier to make instructional decisions Relevant Content Personally meaningul Engage interest Grouping Lesson fillers

2.1.2. To avoid disruptions/interruptions

2.2. For Students

2.2.1. Respect towards Teachers readily accepts rules procedures homeworks

2.2.2. Feels respected and valued as worthwhile individuals leads to more Cooperation Participation Contribution Hardwork Confidence

2.2.3. Realise what they are learning matters

2.3. Learning Proceeds Better