About Rob Mello

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About Rob Mello by Mind Map: About Rob Mello

1. Where I've lived

1.1. I was born in New Bedford, MA

1.2. I've lived in several New England towns

1.3. I live in the suburbs, but still call Boston home

1.4. Before I was married, I moved around a LOT - Marlborough, MA - Bridgewater, MA - Hull, MA - Waltham, MA - Arlington, MA - Have lived in Hudson, MA for 10 years!

2. Career

2.1. My first job was delivering newspapers at 11 years old

2.2. I dropped out of college and  spent several years mixing live sound for Boston bands

2.3. I pursued a fondness for technology and became a self-taught computer programmer

2.4. I went back to school and have worked for technology companies ever since. Over the past several years, I've been focusing on mobile health. (Image courtesy of mPulse Mobile.)

3. Fun

3.1. I love to ski

3.2. I enjoy photography.

3.3. We love spending time outside - hiking, camping, boating

4. Family

4.1. I live in Hudson, MA with my wife, two kids and dog (who thinks he's one of the kids).

4.2. Oliver, age 9

4.3. Harrison, age 7

4.4. Chewbacca (Chewie for short). And yes, Harrison was named after Harrison Ford. (My wife would not allow "Han Solo").

4.5. The gang