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Database Management by Mind Map: Database Management

1. Data

1.1. The Hierarchy

1.1.1. Files A data file is a collection of related records

1.1.2. records A record is a group of related fields primary key

1.1.3. fields Field name Field size Data type

1.1.4. characters Numbers letters space punctuation marks other symbols

1.2. Type

1.2.1. Text

1.2.2. Video

1.2.3. Numbers

1.2.4. Audio

1.2.5. Images

1.3. Maintaining Data

1.3.1. File maintenance Adding records Modifying records Deleting records

1.3.2. Validation Alphabetic/Numeric check Range check Consistency check Completeness check Check digit Other check

2. Database

2.1. File Processing Versus Databases

2.1.1. file processing system

2.1.2. Database approach

2.2. Database Management Systems

2.2.1. data diconary

2.2.2. tools Query language Query by example Form Report generator

2.2.3. variety of techniques Backup Log Recovery utility Continuous backup

2.3. Relational, Object-Oriented, and Multidimensional Databases

2.3.1. data model

2.3.2. relational database stores data in tables that consist of rows and columns

2.3.3. relationship a link within the data

2.3.4. Structured Query Language (SQL) a query language that allows users to manage, update, and retrieve data

2.3.5. object-oriented database (OODB)

2.3.6. applications appropriate Multimedia database Computer-aided design database Groupware database Hypertext database

2.3.7. multidimensional database can store data in more than two dimensions of data

2.3.8. data warehouse a huge database that stores and manages the data required

2.4. Web Databases

2.4.1. Databases on the Web Shop for products or services Buy or sell stocks Search for a job Make airline reservations Register for college classes Check semester grades