Indefinite article a, an.

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Indefinite article a, an. by Mind Map: Indefinite article a, an.

1. AN

2. A

3. There are two unique indefinite articles in English (a, an) that work like the two Spanish forms (un, un).

4. An indefinite article is used to refer to any object of the same class, but not to a particular one.

5. "A" is used when the next word begins with the sound of a consonant and "an" when the next word begins with the sound of a vowel.

6. What matters in these cases is pronunciation and not writing. For example, in English there are words that start with silent h, and therefore "an" is used and others that start with "h" sound, so "a" is used.


8. Both a and an mean a, one. They are invariable in gender, that is, they do not change so much if their use is masculine or feminine. We will know if it is translated as one (masculine) or one (feminine) depending on the gender of the noun they accompany. The only difference between them is:

9. A

10. AN

11. is used with words that begin with a consonant, h aspired (h sonora) or u (or any other spelling) pronounced as / ju: / (iu).

12. a dog a person a book a woman to hospital a happy ending a university - Pronounced "a iuniversiti" a European country - Although it begins with a vowel, "a" is used instead of "an" because the "eu" script is pronounced as "iu"

13. is used with words that begin with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), h muda (not pronounced) or u short (pronounced as a)

14. an Apple an interesting film an old man an hour an honour an umbrela an unhappy ending

15. Examples of sentences with a and an

16. 1.It’s a wide door. 2.A girl walks to school. 3.I have a pencil. 4.I would like a green apple. 5.He buys a computer. 6.Julia has a blue umbrella. 7.I will have a hamburger for lunch. 8.There are a few kids in the square. 9.She buys a dress. 10.I would love to have a car.

17. 1.It’s an open door. 2.I have an orange pencil. 3.Do you want an apple? 4.There ir an elephant in the park. 5.I will be home in an hour. 6.I think a deserve an apologise. 7.Sarah has an umbrella. 8.He’s an honest man. 9.He knows how to fly an airplane. 10.I have an uncle and an aunt.

18. Indefinite Article 'a/an'