Section 103 Phase 1

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Section 103 Phase 1 by Mind Map: Section 103 Phase 1

1. - e-shop ( low presence of e.shops in the actual industry) - since bargaining power of supplier is high because product is unique so then we can have high prices - not many organic suppliers - provide convienent stores

2. Government regulation demanding healthcare be publicly funded.

2.1. Increased competition from more private clinics

2.1.1. Economic conditions leaving patients with little money to spend on elective surgeries from private health care providers Losing doctors to public facilities Losing patients to clinics abroad e.g. Mexico and United States

3. As a new company, would be difficult financially.

4. Group 317 City Workforce

4.1. Opportunities

4.1.1. expand their database of workers to have a larger pool of applicants for companies to choose from

4.1.2. expand geographically to new cities

4.1.3. focus on long-term hiring as well

4.1.4. show potential applicants companies that are connected with work force- show opportunities/why they should use this service

4.2. Threats

4.2.1. other online job search services- easier to upload your resume/ cover letter- not based on one city

4.2.2. what happens when the recession is over? will this service be as popular considering it is short-term? what if companies want to focus on long term employment?

5. What are the oppotunities for (threats to) your company? How do you take advantage of (mitigate) them?

6. Group 312 MoveIT

6.1. Threats

6.1.1. We're a small moving company, so more customers are likely to go to larger, well known companies then us If the economy goes down, less people will be buying houses and moving, so they will need our complany less If Real estate prices are high, once again less people are likely buy houses, and not need us

6.1.2. Substitutes are available. Movers may get friends or families with vans to move their things instead of using our moving service

6.2. Opportunities

6.2.1. Apartments and houses are being built so new residences will require a moving service

6.2.2. Being a small company, we can make business decisions quickly and adapt to changing markets

6.2.3. Supplier is low. There aren't a lot of moving services available in the area's market so their choice to our service may be limited

6.2.4. Student/on campus residences often require their belongings to be moved (first and second years or transfer students)

6.2.5. New node

6.3. Mitigation

6.3.1. Problem: small moving company. Mitigation: carefully select target market (emphasize personal aspect). Marketing budget Problem: bad economy. Mitigation: Develop different value packages; adjust according to present financial ability

6.3.2. advertise to target markets that suit our company for example student residence, and areas where new houses are being created

7. Group 314 - VAnalyst

7.1. Opportunities

7.1.1. VAnalyst can create its own niche through smaller LOCAL investors

7.1.2. could develop a software or system that would allow it to effectively communicate with its clients and show real time investment portfolio status

7.1.3. being a new company can attract 'new' clients such as students and can increase networking

7.2. Threats

7.2.1. VAnalyst is a new 'entrant' in a very capital heavy industry

7.2.2. Economic downturns from politics, other company performances, etc

7.2.3. has limited "networking" compared to other multinational companies

7.2.4. lots of corporations are trying to achieve the same goal (being the company on top)

8. Group 315 - DataMed

8.1. Threat - Increased funding for Public healthcare

8.1.1. allows public healthcare to offer more to public

8.2. Threat: Public health sector becomes stronger- ie. shorter wait list times, more available doctors and nurses, etc.

8.2.1. no longer massive wait times which often make people turn to private healthcare

8.3. **Opportunity - baby boomer generation getting older and may need additional healthcare on top of what is provided through the government --> have to go private

8.3.1. this will allow private healthcare to increase there customer base

8.3.2. Possibility to cater there business to this generation

8.4. Opportunity - decreased funding for public healthcare

8.5. Threat - Change in government regulations

8.5.1. If government increases the benefits that public health care will offer less people will turn private

8.6. Opportunity - increased private investment in the private healthcare sector.

8.6.1. more money to spend on each customer and money to improve technology and services

8.7. New node

8.8. Threat- people losing benefits, have to switch to public

9. Group 316: MoveIT

9.1. Opportunities

9.1.1. Not a lot of substitutes to moving Could market storage options Expand to more markets

9.1.2. Not really dependent on big suppliers(assets are fixed) Can therefore increase fleet of vehicles or hire more workers

9.1.3. Increase in income of the general population (due to more people going to university and getting higher paying jobs) increases the likely hood of using a moving company because they now have more disposable income Choose a wealthier target market Increase advertising

9.2. Threats

9.2.1. Increase in fuel costs Use more eco friendly vehicles Add an extra charge per mile driven

9.2.2. Government policies imposing stricter regulations Abide by rules and broadcast that to customers

9.2.3. People can use their own cars Offer packing services

9.2.4. Many moving companies have started scamming customer: giving a lowball price then demanding more once the stuff is loaded Sign contracts with customers to ensure the same quoted price

9.2.5. Many other competitors in the market that are more well known (U-Haul) Increase advertising Partner with other more well known moving companies

10. Group 320

10.1. Opportunities

10.2. Threats

10.2.1. - new entrants in the industry - rivalry among existing competitors because it is such a small market - threat of substitutes is high because cheaper non-organic food

11. Group 319 Work force

11.1. Opportunities

11.1.1. Ability to do projects all over the world

11.1.2. diversified workforce - develop a vast data base

11.1.3. Unemplyment rates

11.1.4. optimizing clients hiring time and money New node

11.1.5. online crm (intranet)

11.1.6. threat to entrance is low

11.2. Theats

11.2.1. Intenal HR

11.2.2. online competitions -

11.2.3. under the table hiring - head hunters

11.2.4. hi competition creates prevents us from growing our revenues or rates.

12. Group 306- City Workforce

12.1. Opportunities

12.1.1. Good for economy during a recession because of unemployed people having a higher chance of being hired

12.1.2. if develops an effective system to match employers to employees then can be used not just for short term employment but long term employment

12.2. Strenghts

12.2.1. Will have many applicants, chances of having strong applicants that fit a company are high

12.2.2. Short term commitment only, strength in figuring out what or how you can improve what you're looking for as an employee/ as a job during short term time period

12.3. Weakness

12.3.1. Many applicants, chances of having weak applicants is very high need efficient system to eliminate numerous weak candidates

12.3.2. If recession ends, it's the end of city workforce need a way to keep the industry growing

12.3.3. Have to match up companies really well otherwise no other company would want to use them

12.3.4. Might not be able to differentiate truth tellers from liars

12.4. Threats

12.4.1. Low entry barrier, easy to get into could have competition appear suddenly

12.4.2. New node

12.5. New node

13. Group 318: Data Med

13.1. Threats

13.2. Opportunities

13.2.1. Increased waiting lists for publicly funded facilities Increased government support for private clinics e.g. grants and subsidies Potential for global expansion if the Clinic in Vancouver is sucessful

14. Group 11: Good Foods

14.1. Opportunities

14.1.1. Appeals to growing societal trend of eating more "organic." Public's increased awareness of the damaging health effects that pesticides in today's produce contains

14.1.2. Standard of living is improving

14.1.3. Differentiated product Retail chains do not carry the specialty products that Good Foods sells

14.1.4. Established target market Existing customer bases of "niche" markets are generally more loyal

14.2. Threats

14.2.1. Organic foods tend to be more expensive than other foods Recent recession changed spending habits: scrimp and save.

14.2.2. Potential customers have the choice between buying from larger, cheaper retail stores and smaller boutiques.

14.2.3. Higher switching cost due to customers who are loyal to existing local organic foods stores.

14.2.4. New node

15. New node

16. Varying IRs

17. Group 301 MoveIT

17.1. Opportunities

17.1.1. In need of service differentiation Provide storage services

17.1.2. Develop onboard tracking monitors that enable customers to access van location and projected arrival information.

17.1.3. Provide online data base that allows customers to book appointments more efficiently and store our own information.

17.1.4. During start/end of school year, we could offer student packages/discounts. Since Van has many universities.

17.2. Threats

17.2.1. Limited marketing capacity. Target a different niche than existingcompanies Add extra services to moving such as storage.

17.2.2. Self-service as a substitute. Target students who don't usually own sufficient moving technologies.

17.2.3. Gas prices, carbon taxes and insurance cost. Increase price of services Decrease input costs

18. Group 307 - VanRealty

18.1. Opportunities

18.1.1. Expanding Market Other firms merging to dominate the market

18.1.2. Demand shock outwards for property E.G. after olympics?

18.2. Threats

18.2.1. High competition from other firms

18.2.2. Accesibility for communication from customer to other firms Customers realizing cheaper prices

18.2.3. Few properties to sell

18.2.4. Increases in any taxes or prices

18.2.5. Climbing standard of living Can also drive demand up More money entering the market

19. Group 309 - MoveIT

19.1. Threat: Rising gas prices & carbon taxes

19.2. Opportunity: Located in immigrant city - high demand for movers

19.3. Opportunity - Lots of universities with residences in the city, high demand

19.4. Opportunity: Expand geographic reach

19.5. Threats: Existing well established companies ie) UHaul

19.6. Opportunity: Just renting out truck & not providing full service

19.7. Opportunity: Implement an MIS system that will improve scheduling and increase efficiency

19.8. Opportunity: Price discrimination based on the time of year (ie: back to school = more expensive!)

19.9. Threat: Insurance costs for new vehicles and drivers (restricts expansion)

20. Van Realty 303

20.1. Opportunities

20.1.1. Good market environment: There will always be a need for real estate (ie. bad buyer market = good seller market, and vice versa)

20.1.2. Breaking into rental market as well as traditional sales

20.1.3. Providing detailed previews of properties listed exclusively by us to capture clients

20.1.4. Take advantage of social networking sites to search out clients

20.1.5. CONSUMERS: people have growing incomes therefore more opportunity to buy houses

20.2. Threats

20.2.1. People selling homes by themselves C2C property sites New node Self-selling sites include: Craigslist, Kijiji, etc

20.2.2. Too much competition from other firms Established online presences include and Established brick-and-mortar firms like Sutton, Remax, etc may do their consulting in-house

20.2.3. ECONOMY: Depends on state of economy: if in recession consumers have lack of purchasing ability due to low incomes

21. Group 302

21.1. threats

21.1.1. -Larger chains- like safeway or save on

21.1.2. oil prices

21.1.3. natural or man-made disasters New node

21.1.4. crop/ animal disease- such as mad cow

21.1.5. farmers strike- if farmers go on a strike then organic products will be out of the market --> prices will go up

21.1.6. New node

21.2. opportunities

21.2.1. restaurants looking for organic products New node

21.2.2. team up with larger chains such as safeway

21.2.3. speciality market niche

21.2.4. vancouver- living conditions and culture

21.2.5. New node

22. 305 VanRealty

22.1. Threat

22.1.1. Internal Competitive Rivalry between different real estate agents Firms that merge together to enlarge their market share

22.1.2. New laws regarding to housing construction Laneway Housing

22.1.3. E-Commerce: Craigslist

22.1.4. Economy: Depression and Recession Graduates are less likely to move out of their exit

22.2. Oppurtunities

22.2.1. Immigrants

22.2.2. Existing Customer Loyalty

22.2.3. Strategies: Utilizing Internet Search engines social networks

22.2.4. Iphone Apps: Updates on the market

22.2.5. New Laws

22.2.6. New Housing Market from a change of land use Ex. Vancouver Olympic Village

23. Group 308 - Good Food

23.1. Opportunities

23.1.1. Backward integration: We can go into growing the organic foods ourselves

23.1.2. Market for organic foods is becoming more mainstream

23.1.3. Aging population values healthy, organic foods and is willing to pay a premium for them

23.1.4. Trends towards supporting local businesses, and buying local foods

23.2. Threats

23.2.1. E-Commerce: Increased competition other companies selling groceries online

23.2.2. Growing popularity of organic foods could cause shift of power to farmers

23.2.3. Potential price wars with competitors

23.2.4. Receptive to economic conditions - organic foods can easily be substituted with regular, cheaper foods

24. Group 310

24.1. Opportunities:

24.1.1. - Possible to combine with user contributed model to leverage the benefits of both models

24.1.2. - Demand for our product goes up as unemployment goes up

24.1.3. - Joint venturing with other job search and employment companies network globally as everything hinges on networks

24.1.4. - Highly reliant on MIS, so changes can give us an edge

24.1.5. - Building a barrier to entry based on strong good will and marketing focus funds on marketing rather than admin

24.1.6. - There will always be a demand for the service over time, so although our technology must upgrade, the product will always be demanded

24.1.7. Easy to globalize, because no need for a single language or home base create an international market

24.1.8. Expanding Mobile market for apps and software build apps

24.1.9. No need for brick and mortar office stay online and keep costs down

24.2. Threats:

24.2.1. - Competition from user contributed sites offer that same service ourselves but with the benefits of full service

24.2.2. - Fewer job opportunities for our customers during bad economies build networks globally where markets may be in different shape

24.2.3. - Barriers to entry are low build up good will and brand names

24.2.4. - No switching costs between competitors encourage rewards for loyalty

24.2.5. - Always looking for new customers, as each success looses us a customer create a referral program

24.2.6. - Highly reliant on MIS constantly monitor the market to see where technology is heading

25. Group 304 Vanalyst

25.1. Opportunities

25.1.1. They survived the financial crisis, and as a result there are less competitors in the market. This also proves that they are resilient tough market conditions

25.1.2. Local, personal allowing them to create close relationship with local cliental

25.1.3. Low Bank Interest Rates - Makes alternative investing options (such as ours) more appealing as they offer the possibility of higher returns

25.2. Threats

25.2.1. Very small business Limited capital for advertising, and acquiring new clients. Other firms would have much more pull in this area

25.2.2. Limited barriers to entry

25.2.3. Many competitors with larger market share

25.2.4. As it is very small and inexperienced they do not have the brand recognition or loyalty that other firms would have. Other new firms who have some knowledge and decide to start an investment firm would be in the same situation.

25.2.5. Small selection of products, with little difference from competitors

25.2.6. Market downturn makes it harder to find new investors

25.2.7. Limited experience as they have a history of less than 10 years, makes them barely established in the financial sector. In a industry where customers are trusting their investment firms with their own personal wealth many clients would like to see proven results and a long track record in order to develop this trust Very unprofessional website, might cast doubt of ability in potential investors