Family Trip to Disney World

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Family Trip to Disney World by Mind Map: Family Trip to Disney World

1. Lodging

1.1. Room for 3 at a family friendly resort for 3 days, 4 nights

1.1.1. Close to Disney World theme parks

1.1.2. Must have a kitchen

1.1.3. Restaurants nearby

1.1.4. Pool with lifeguards

1.2. low to mid range priced

1.2.1. 3 star hotel

1.2.2. Must be within the $5000 budget

2. Transportation

2.1. Transportation to airport

2.1.1. Arrange for car to drive family to airport

2.2. Transportation from airport to hotel

2.2.1. Rent a car from airport

2.3. Transportation from hotel to theme parks/orlando

2.3.1. Use rental car to travel throughout Florida

2.4. Air plane tickets to Orlando

2.4.1. purchase round trip tickets in advance online

3. Safety

3.1. Pack a general first aid kit

3.2. Lifeguards at pools

3.3. Follow all safety precautions at theme park

3.3.1. Obey height restrictions

3.4. Bring the necessary medicines and presciptions with you

4. Food

4.1. Three meals per day for three days and four nights

4.1.1. Eat at restaurants in/nearby the hotel

4.1.2. Eat inside the park

4.1.3. Breakfast or Dinner included at Hotel

4.2. Snacks for child during the day

4.3. Water

4.3.1. Purchase water bottles at hotel or nearby store to stay hydrated during the day

5. Theme Park Trips

5.1. Meet Disney Characters

5.2. Go on rides

5.3. Visit theme restaurants

5.4. Water parks

6. Luggage

6.1. Make a list of all items to pack

6.1.1. Clothes, bathingsuits

6.1.2. Electronics

6.1.3. Medicine

6.1.4. Toiletries