Tallis TV Episode

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Tallis TV Episode by Mind Map: Tallis TV Episode

1. Outline: Teacher, Tom DW, explains the fundamentals of some of the extreme sports he enjoys. Pro's and Con's: - Interesting to the target audience - Explains activities that students could take up as hobbies ------------------- - Not connected to school or its community - Interviews are dependant on the Teachers Schedule Constraints: - Interviews are dependant on the Teachers Schedule http://vimeo.com/42294802 Write how you organised the making of this, planning forms, we contacted teachers involved and tom responded.

1.1. Extreme Sports with Tom

2. Multi-Cultral Tallis

2.1. Outline: A segment that is dedicated to showing the multicultural community within the school. Pro's and Con's: - Relevant to the school and it's community. - Promotes multiculturalism - Demotes racism -------------------- - Potentially uninteresting to the target audience - Interviews will most likely be needed, some may not consent to the use of their footage - The topic of racism is a rather sensitive one to some, consider what will be said and be sure that it does not offend. Constraints: - Interviews may not have consent to be used by the ones interviewed

3. Fashion Show Song

3.1. Outline: A segment of the episode where the Fashion show that was filmed/organised in school is briefly explained and a clip will be shown. Pro's and Con's: - Based upon the school community and its actions within school - Entertaining - Completely school organised and produced ---------------------- - The people within the film may object to their footage being used - Not very educational Constraints: - The people within the film may object to their footage being used - Since the clip is pre-filmed, not much editing or alteration will be necessary, which means that our input will be limited and marks will be hard to award

4. Overview

4.1. Legal and Ethical/Rules: - The Royal Borough of Greenwich states that all community broadcasts must contain subtitles for the hearing impaired - Must abide by the schools ethos - Must promote equality and diversity - Upon joining the school, students sign a form stating that their image can be used in school community videos. Make a list of all the people featured and ask them all if they consent to the footage - Must consider the reputation of the school

5. Jack's Facts: 5 Minutes you won't get back

5.1. Outline: I (Jack Bennett) will recite a few facts to the camera, that may or may not be interesting to others. These facts will be on a multitude of subjects from history to astronomy and entomology. Pro's and Con's: - Educational - Original - Interesting - Fills time - Simple and Easy to produce ---------------------- - Potentially uninteresting to our target audience - Irrelevant to school and/or activities within - A green screen may be required Constraints: - The use of green screen: - Little Practise - Could come out fuzzy - Could be already booked out - If this segment were to prove unpopular with the target audience, we would be left with a time gap to fill. - Fellow group members repeated absence (Elliot and Jacq) - Some subjects of the facts may be inappropriate for the target audiences. E.g. facts about murder, violent history or religion Legal and Ethical: - There are not many legal issues involved with this segment because I will be the only one featured in it and I give my consent to the filming and distributing of this content - Use of images (most likely from Google) will be copyrighted material. Copyright Issues: - Potencial use of copyrighted material for Intro/Outro graphics

6. Who to look out for in the Olympics

6.1. Outline: A segment dedicated to informing people on who to look out for when watching the Olympics, such as Usain Bolt. Pro's and Con's: - A popular topic among the target audience - Interesting - Simple to produce ---------------------- - Clips of the athletes will be needed, which ventures us into the land of copyright laws Constraints: - The clips or pictures of the athletes would most likely breach copyright - An intro and outro may be needed Legal and Ethical: - Potencial copyright troubles Copyright Issues: - Images and clips used for the segment

7. Research of past Episodes: - Very formal, mid shot behind desk - Becomes more relaxed - Deaf support was a big part, use of subtitles - Interviews