SWE4004 S3 Database Architectures

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SWE4004 S3 Database Architectures by Mind Map: SWE4004 S3 Database Architectures

1. Alternative Client-Server Topologies

2. The architecture of a data warehouse.

3. The meaning of service-oriented architecture (SOA).

4. File-Server Architecture

5. objectives

5.1. The meaning of the client–server architecture and the advantages of this type of architecture for a DBMS.

5.2. The difference between two-tier, three-tier and n-tier client–server architectures.

5.3. The difference between distributed DBMSs, and distributed processing.

5.4. About cloud computing and cloud databases.

6. architectures

6.1. Traditional Two-Tier Client-Server

6.2. Three-Tier Client-Server

7. middleware