Upcoming Facebook Changes - Simplified

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Upcoming Facebook Changes - Simplified by Mind Map: Upcoming Facebook Changes - Simplified

1. The Ticker

1.1. All "non essential" activity

1.2. Appears in a scrolling window in the top right of the UI

1.3. Example:

1.3.1. FarmVille info

1.3.2. Mafia Wars info

1.4. Taking prominence

1.4.1. Status updates

1.4.2. Photos

1.4.3. Changes in relationship status

1.4.4. Etc.

1.5. Reminds me of

1.5.1. Twitter

2. A Multi-Media Extravaganza

2.1. New partnerships bring new content

2.1.1. Hulu

2.1.2. Spotify

2.1.3. Netflix

2.2. No need to leave Facebook to watch TV and Movies, listen to music, etc.

2.2.1. carving out more of the online entertainment ecosystem

2.3. Ticker info will tell you which shows, movies, music, etc. that your friends are enjoying

2.4. Reminds me of

2.4.1. Apple's worst nightmare

3. Timeline

3.1. A complete revamp of your profile page

3.2. Stream of information about you

3.2.1. Photos

3.2.2. Status updates

3.2.3. Apps you've used

3.2.4. Places you've visited

3.2.5. Scrolls all the way back to birth encouraging the posting of pre-Facebook days content

3.3. The further back you go, the more compressed data will be

3.3.1. You'll only see the most interesting parts of your history

3.4. In beta now

3.4.1. Opt-in to start

3.4.2. Eventually to become the new default profile page

3.5. Reminds me of

3.5.1. Memolane

3.5.2. With a dash of Tumblr

4. Gestures

4.1. No longer limited to just "Likes"

4.2. Facebook partners and developers can turn any very into a button

4.3. Seeks to fix the broken "Like" problem

4.4. Coming soon:

4.4.1. The option to tell the world that you're reading a book, watching a movie, listening to a particular song

4.5. Reminds me of

4.5.1. GetGlue

5. New Open Graph

5.1. Apps will only need to ask for permission once to publish on your behalf

5.1.1. New permissions screen will clearly explain what type of stories will be shared

5.2. Updates appear in the ticker automatically

5.2.1. but do not appear in the News Feed unless Facebook deems it to be an important event

5.2.2. Attempts to make real time content from friends even easier to find

5.3. Reminds me of

5.3.1. A smart move, provided end users understand the controlls