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Upcoming Facebook Changes - Simplified by Mind Map: Upcoming Facebook Changes - Simplified
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Upcoming Facebook Changes - Simplified

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A complete revamp of your profile page

Stream of information about you

The further back you go, the more compressed data will be

In beta now

Reminds me of


No longer limited to just "Likes"

Facebook partners and developers can turn any very into a button

Seeks to fix the broken "Like" problem

Coming soon:

Reminds me of

New Open Graph

Apps will only need to ask for permission once to publish on your behalf

Updates appear in the ticker automatically

Reminds me of

The Ticker

All "non essential" activity

Appears in a scrolling window in the top right of the UI


Taking prominence

Reminds me of

A Multi-Media Extravaganza

New partnerships bring new content

No need to leave Facebook to watch TV and Movies, listen to music, etc.

Ticker info will tell you which shows, movies, music, etc. that your friends are enjoying

Reminds me of