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Max by Mind Map: Max

1. Says and How they say it (what the characters dialogue is and how they communicate)

1.1. He says "huh" to Freak when Freak uses words that are confusing to Max

1.2. When Max said, "He's memorized almost the whole dictionary," it signifies that Max is talking about someone very smart. (Freak)

1.2.1. Max said "what do we do? What do we do", when Max and Freak encountered Freak at the firework show

2. Thoughts and feelings (about self and about others)

2.1. Max thinks that Freak is a very nice and helpful friend and he feels warm and happy to be around him.

2.2. Max feels scared of Tony D. because of the scary encounter with him when him and Freak were at the firework show

2.3. He dislikes himself because of his massive size (looks) and because of the fact that he thinks that he isn't smart

2.4. He's a little jealous of Freak because Freak is super smart and Max (at a negative standpoint) thinks that he isn't smart at all

3. Effect (the effect a character has on other characters)

3.1. The effect Max had on Fair Gwen when Freak and Max were together for the first time was he made her scared because he was so tall

3.2. The effect Max had on Grim and Gram when he "rescued" Freak was he made them happy and more comfortable around him

3.3. The effect Max has on Freak is happiness and joyfulness because Max is nice to Freak ( unlike a lot of other people)

3.4. The effect Max has on Tony D. is anger because Tony D. wasn't able to beat up Max and Freak at the firework show

4. Actions (how the character acts, what they do, and how they behave.)

4.1. Max acts mature and happy around Freak

4.2. Max walked 10 miles because Freak wanted to go on one of his "quests" or "adventures" (this shows that Max cares for Freak through his actions)

4.3. He cried because he was happy (he actually had a friend and this shows how he behaves)

5. Looks (physical appearance)

5.1. very massive and tall (way taller and bigger than everybody)

5.2. He has brown hair

5.3. He has short hair

5.4. He is doesn't have any glasses