What CWC's can do

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What CWC's can do by Mind Map: What CWC's can do

1. Food Security

1.1. Policy

1.1.1. Healthy Food Financing

1.1.2. Health Care Systems Food Insecurity Screenings Healthy Food Perscriptions Food Pantries in Hospitals

1.2. System

1.2.1. Schools Food Rescue

1.2.2. Food Hub

1.2.3. Food Co-ops

1.2.4. Farm Wagons/Portable Pantries

1.2.5. Food Banks Gleaning Grow a Row/Donate an Acre

1.2.6. Food Resource Lists

1.3. Environmental Change

1.3.1. Grocery Stores Healthy Check Out Lanes Non-Profit Grocery Stores

1.3.2. Gas Stations/Corner Stores Healthy Corner Stores

1.3.3. Farmers Markets SNAP & WIC Acceptance/Promotion New Farm Markets Youth Engagement/POP Club (Power of Produce) Mobile Food Markets Lettuce Change Program Farmers Market Manager Training Bus Stop Farmers Market

1.3.4. Community Gardens

1.3.5. Urban Farms

1.3.6. Food Pantries Healthy Arrangements/Signage

2. Food Resource Management

3. Nutrition

3.1. Policy

3.1.1. County/City Health Coalition

3.1.2. Schools School Wellness Committees School Wellness Policy Farm to School

3.1.3. Food Council/Food Policy Council

3.2. Systems

3.2.1. Local Food Forums

3.3. Environmental Changes

3.3.1. Workplace Wellness Healthy Vending Machines Workplace Wellness Committees

4. Physical Activity

4.1. Built Environments

4.1.1. Policy Complete Streets AARP Age Friendly Community Transportation Coalition

4.1.2. Systems Bike co-op Sidewalk Inventory PSA/advertising/promotion

4.1.3. Environmental changes Tactical Urbanism Sidewalks Parks Exercise equipment Exercise signage Lighting and safety parklets public art Bikes Bike racks Bike lanes Signage Bike Share sculpture bike racks Trails Signage public art Safe routes to school Assessments committees lighting Crosswalks crosswalk art re-painting crews

4.2. Workplace wellness

4.2.1. Policy Wellness committee (training & consulting) Walking meetings

4.2.2. Systems In-place (at desk) exercises Stairwell usage Walking meetings

4.2.3. Environmental changes Stairwell usage (signage) stairwell art/makeover

4.3. Schools

4.3.1. Policy School Wellness Policy Promotion

4.3.2. Systems Walking school bus Walk to School day(s) Walk assessments (sidewalk and intersection assessments)

4.3.3. Environmental Changes

4.3.4. Parking lot playgrounds

5. Food Safefy

5.1. Food Pantries

5.1.1. Food Safety Training

5.2. Farmers Markets

5.2.1. Farmers Market Manager Training