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Essay by Mind Map: Essay

1. My house is really comfortable

1.1. The TV room

1.1.1. big TV nice big televition

1.1.2. friends always come over never alone

1.1.3. football games nice to watch here

1.2. My room

1.2.1. my own bed move freely

1.2.2. my own bathroom don´t have to share it

1.2.3. share room with my brother he always cleans

1.3. My kitchen

1.3.1. Full of food always Nuevo nodo

1.3.2. has a mini bar

1.3.3. full of chips and garbage food

1.4. Conclusion

1.4.1. my house is really comforting for various reasons

2. Mustang and Camaro

2.1. Comfort

2.1.1. Mustang has leather seats

2.1.2. Camaro has bucket seats

2.2. Power

2.2.1. Mustang has 411Hp

2.2.2. Camaro 400Hp

2.3. Design

2.3.1. Mustang has a classic sports dessign

2.3.2. Camaro has a more futuristic sports design

2.4. Conclusion

2.4.1. Both cars are good cars but and they have their own pros and cons

3. Transportation

3.1. Plane

3.1.1. Fast

3.1.2. Expensive

3.2. Train

3.2.1. Cheap

3.2.2. Comfortable

3.3. Car

3.3.1. Tired

3.3.2. No money