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Outlines by Mind Map: Outlines

1. Global warming has destructive effects in the planet

1.1. Climate Change

1.1.1. rise in global temperature global temperature needs to be balanced

1.1.2. melting of the ice caps glasiers hyave becomed weaker in recent years ice caps take longer to built global ocean level could rise

1.1.3. destructive effects in plants and animals species depend on the global temperature keeping stable many species are predicted to go extinct if the temperature keeps rising

1.2. Increased UV rays

1.2.1. increased skin diseases skin cancer increase in skin diseases

1.2.2. its no longer safe to be outside in the sun without protection

1.3. Natural disasters

1.3.1. increased amounts in natural disasters droughts flooding rise in sea level hurricanes

1.3.2. popullations are already being affected whole popullations have suffered in recent years by huge floods and long lasting droughts

1.4. conclusion

1.4.1. global warming has many ddangerous effects for the planet and mankind

1.4.2. things should be done to help save our planet

2. disneyland is a spectacular place to visit.

2.1. the park

2.1.1. huge

2.1.2. beautifully decorated with different themes

2.1.3. makes you think you are in another world

2.2. the attractions

2.2.1. incredible light shows

2.2.2. elaborated character´s shows

2.2.3. makes even the older ones bring their inner child

2.3. the rides

2.3.1. so fast and fun even the older ones feel like little kids

2.3.2. carefully built and decorated to match a character or movie theme

3. Animals are divided into different kingdoms

3.1. mammals

3.1.1. mammals drink milk when they are born

3.1.2. mammals breath with lungs

3.1.3. mammals have a spine

3.1.4. most mammals are born alive

3.1.5. fur cover most mammals body

3.2. birds

3.2.1. feathers cover their body

3.2.2. birds have a spine

3.2.3. birds are born from eggs

3.2.4. birds breathe through lungs

3.2.5. birds run and fly

3.3. fish

3.3.1. fish live underwater

3.3.2. scales cover fish bodies

3.3.3. fish have a spine

3.3.4. fish are born from eggs

3.3.5. fish breathe through gills

3.4. insects

3.4.1. insects have an exoesqueleton

3.4.2. insects have no spine

3.4.3. insects brethe through their body

3.4.4. insects are born from eggs

3.4.5. insects are the most abundand animals

3.5. anphibians

3.5.1. amphibians spend part of their lifes on water and some in the land

3.5.2. amphibians use gills and lungs

3.5.3. amphibians bodies are slimy

3.5.4. amphibians are born from eggs

3.5.5. amphibians have a spine

3.6. conclusion

3.6.1. all animals kingdoms have similarities and differences

3.6.2. animals are all adapted in different ways

3.6.3. animals have different methods to survive

3.7. different characteristics of