Creativity & Innovation Jennie Holladay 9-12

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Creativity & Innovation Jennie Holladay 9-12 by Mind Map: Creativity & Innovation Jennie Holladay 9-12

1. METS 9-12.CI.1. apply advanced software features (e.g. built-in thesaurus, templates, styles) to redesign the appearance of word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

1.1. Example: Resume Redesign

1.2. Student redesign a provided resume.

1.2.1. Add Color

1.2.2. Add a table

1.2.3. Students must change words, but keep the meaning the same.

1.2.4. Present a before and after to the class, highlighting changes.

1.2.5. Using Google Docs, students will upload a version so it's available online using cloud technology.

2. METS 9-12.CI.3. use a variety of media and formats to design, develop, publish, and present projects (e.g., newsletters, web sites, presentations, photo galleries)

2.1. Example: Media Campaign

2.2. Students will use a variety of media to promote a school charity food drive event.

2.2.1. Create a Poster Using Publisher

2.2.2. Develop a newsletter that give more information

2.2.3. Using Animoto Students will create a photo gallery for the school website of the event.

2.2.4. Using Audacity students will create an audio spot for the school online radio station.

2.3. New node

3. METS 9-12.CI.2. create a web page (e.g., Dreamweaver, iGoogle, Kompozer)

3.1. Example: Online Web Portfolio

3.2. Students will use Weebly to create a free online portfolio.

3.2.1. Contains a minimum of three pages About Me Writing Samples Media

3.2.2. Link to Personal ResumeFile