Comparing the frameworks

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Comparing the frameworks by Mind Map: Comparing the frameworks

1. CoSN

1.1. strengths

1.1.1. a set of competencies spelled out

1.1.2. New node

1.2. aspects that would benefit SL

1.2.1. Priority 3: role modelling in the use of ICT (Theme 1)

1.2.2. Priority 1: Theme 4: PLCs and COPs infuse tech in PLCs

1.2.3. Priority 2: Theme 2,3, and 5 to be lumped together: use of assessment data to inform learning to in turn build culture of learning in the school

1.2.4. needs survey is useful


2.1. strengths

2.1.1. Leading Self models moral and ethical behaviour understands and develops self

2.1.2. complete set of descriptors leading organization governs for successful outcome provides opportunities for innovation

2.2. weaknesses


3.1. standards is useful

4. Kozma