Healthcare Information Technologies

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Healthcare Information Technologies by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technologies

1. Practice Management

1.1. EHR

1.1.1. Used to record and retain patient health records. The information put into here is also used for billing and reporting.

1.2. Scheduler

1.2.1. Used to schedule and track patient appointments

1.3. Patient Portal

1.3.1. Patients can view their health information, medications, pay bills and schedule appointments

1.4. Billing

1.4.1. Used by billing departments and front desk staff to collect and manage patient payments CPT codes are used here

1.5. E-Prescribing

1.5.1. Prescriptions are recorded and can be sent to pharmacies and shared with patients.

1.6. Reporting Dashboard

1.6.1. Healthcare data is analyzed, here are reports are created to help improve cost and quality.

2. Telehealth

3. Mobile Nurse Technologies

3.1. Smartphone

3.2. tablets

3.3. no longer tethered to a landline and can easily move from patient room to patient room.