Coer Theatral (Small Company)

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Coer Theatral (Small Company) by Mind Map: Coer Theatral (Small Company)

1. Divided into catogories

2. Bookings

2.1. Telephone Booking

2.1.1. Credit Card Only Receipt produced & sent to Box office Bookings are recorded for legal/financial purposes

2.2. Booking at Door

2.2.1. Cash Only Recorded in a special folder Details of all ticket purchased are sent to the accountants to verify money deposits

3. Analysis Report for the ticket sales produced

4. Calculations

5. Flat File Database

5.1. Spreadsheet

5.1.1. Seating plan Persons name and number

5.2. Print mailing letters

5.3. Mail merge letters

6. Full Time Manager

6.1. Administrative Assistant

7. Malzerei Theatergruppe (Large Company)

7.1. Stand Alone

7.1.1. Separate server Microsoft Small Business Server 03' and a Microsoft SQL Database All sales and customer data is transferred to the office network through USB

7.1.2. Keeps credit card and customer details secure

7.2. IT System

7.2.1. Office Network Internet & its own server Customer Relations Finace and Analysis Business Communications WebSite Material Advertisement Development

7.3. M-Ticket Website

7.3.1. Run by An ISP

7.3.2. Needs a customer relations, complex data analysis

7.3.3. User Interface and features are not reliable

7.3.4. Unhappy customers prefer booking by telephone Request seats and more options