EDT 510 Week #4 METS Technology Plan

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EDT 510 Week #4 METS Technology Plan by Mind Map: EDT 510 Week #4 METS Technology Plan

1. Give a quiz on a Smartboard with a wide range of graphic, video and audio formats showing or playing the same piece of information. Students should be able to tell the difference between MP3s and WAVs, WMVs and AVIs, and JPEGs and GIFs.

2. 9-12.TC.10. identify common graphic, audio, and video file formats

3. 9-12.TC. Technology Operations and Concepts

4. Listen the song Virus by Del the Funkee Homosapien from the Deltron 3030 album. Give a critical poetic analysys of the song as a class and discuss it together.

5. 9-12.DC.2. discuss possible long-range effects of unethical uses of technology

6. Using the math resource site Khan Academy practice math in the area you are currently in. After practicing take the online quizzes to see how you are doing.

7. 9-12.CT.1. use digital resources

8. 9-12.CT. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

9. 9-12.RI. Research and Information Literacy

10. 9-12.DC. Digital Citizenship

11. Using a Mindmeister Mind Map plan out how you are are going to obtain your information using a wide variety of sources to conduct a resource paper.

12. 9-12.RI.1. develop a plan to gather information using various research strategies

13. Have you students create a Proboards discussion and message board for your class and use this to lead the class through there assignments, projects and communication with their classmates.

14. 9-12.CC.4. plan and implement a collaborative project using telecommunications tools

15. 9-12.CC. Communication and Collaboration

16. Have your students create an iGoogle page for themselves that links their social networks including Facebook and Twitter as well as there interests and hobbies.

16.1. New node

17. 9-12.CI.2. create a web page

18. 9-12.CI. Creativity and Innovation