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Section 103 Phase 3 by Mind Map: Section 103 Phase 3
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Section 103 Phase 3

Sold Amount x N% (comission) = Revenue

What are the customers looking for?

Primary research (surveys)

customer feedback

Group 302: Good Foods

Weak+ I agree that you need information of prices of products in order to achieve your value proposition. However, where can you collect the information? I would also like to see how Analytical CRM to your advantage. For example, can you use Analytical CRM to analyse customer's buying habit so that you can promote certain products at a certain time?

Economic Fluctuations

Value Propsition: How can we meet the needs of Customers by selling organic foods by selling products at a lower price?

How do we get information?

Group 301 MoveIT

Adequate- I agree with the information required in order to succeed. However, I believe that the feedback from customers will be important as well if you want to improve customer service. Moreover, for the revenue model, I expect something that will help MoveIT to make money but not how to control cost.

Economic fluctuations

Getting the information

Value proposition

Seasonal fluctuations

Revenue Model

What information does the company need in order to fulfill the value proposition and revenue model? How do you create it?

Group 305: VanRealty

Weak+ Even though I agree that you need competitor's data, I believe the feedback from clients is also important because they are the ones who experience your service. I would like to see you explain further on implementing technology to improve your business process and customer service.

Value Proposition

Revenue Model

Group 306 City Workforce

Adequate- I agree with the information needed to achieve you value proposition. I also like the idea of using CRM to measure a value of a client to the company.

Looking to hire

Looking to be employed

internal costs

Value Proposition


G 307 VanRealty

Weak+ I would like to see how you can take advantage of CRM systems in order to achieve your value proposition. For example, with the use of analytical CRM, you know customer's life-time value to your company. As a result, VanRealty can provide more personalized service to them and increase their customer satisfaction.

Value Proposition

Revenue Model

MoveIT Group 316

Adequate Value Proposition: I like that you've placed it up here for me, but you have left out a KEY part of Workforce's Value Prop: " Customer Focused, personalized services." Also, " creating a secure database" + "surveying on customers" are GREAT for  HOW WorkForce can create the info it needs. On your diagram however, you've told me that this is WHAT information they need. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume this was a typo on your behalf. I like that you know that a CRM of some sort will be required in order to collect, maintain and analyze key data related to customers, but merely putting it up on the mindmap without an exanation ( and with question marks) indicates that you may not fully understand the importance( plus undisputed value) of employing a CRM. Please review your notes to understand just how well you can leverage CRM capabilities. Revenue Model: Great. You've identified key information required(e.g. "How do we increase sales") but have failed to tell me HOW this info will be created (e.g. Operational CRM, Analytical CRM, DBMS etc.). Overall, a good start.. You've identified some key things ( eg "Database" will be required + "CRM") but now need to tell me WHAT significance these two technologies have in assisting Workfoce realize its value prop + revenue model. Remember to make that link clear.

Value Proposition: To be the #1 moving company in the city of Vancouver through branding and efficiency in delivering customers contents to thier desired location.

Revenue Model: Sales Revenue Model

Group 317

Weak -   You've made an attempt at identifying A FEW potentially useful information ( especially under "Revenue" tab) but more often than not, you've just given me data. Recall fom class that data is just the "raw facts" and info is taking those raw facts one step further and telling me how these facts can be used in the decision making process? What is their signficance and HOW do they realize Datamed's Value Proposition and Revenue Model?  For example, WHY would I need to know " what kind of wage" or "Where do they want to work" where a "worker" is concerned? The "Data" you've listed under " Data needed" is great! But for the purporses of this phase you were asked what INFO the company needs, and WHERE would we create it? Would we find data we need for important info in a DBMS perhaps? Could we use an operational and/or anayltical CRM perhaps to CREATE important info? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself. After all, as you've learnt in class, CRM's are critical IT and information enablers!    

Information Needed

Data Needed

Group 318

Adequate + Thank you for the myriad of information examples! You seem to understand that information needs the be a meaningful aggregation of facts that can be used in the decision making process by management. Now the next step is finding out HOW we can create this information? What technological capabilities taught in class and that exist in today's market can we leverage? I liked how you said you could collect data points from "questionaires." That's a good start. But now tell me WHERE will you store such data? Will a DBMS sufficient? Is all the information your require of such a nature that a mere operational CRM will do? Or will you need to employ an analytical CRM to extrapolate from the data all the information you need? Under what category will your "inventory management and tracking system" fall? What is the significance of this, and can employing these systems bolster Datamed's current revenue model? ( Recall, their revenue model has an over arching strategy of streamlining costs and reducing costs). Good attempt overall.

Personal Patient Information

Service Statistics

Patient Relations

Revenue Model:

value proposition

Group 319

Weak   You've made a good start at identifying the information the company will need in order to fulfill its value prop & revenue model, but have at times confused "information" requirements with "data." Recall from class +your notes that data is "raw facts" whereas info is the process by which you "give/derive meaning to the data." For example " contract details, pay range, records of hours assigned,past contracts" etc is all data. Stand alone, they do not provide me any meaninful information or facts that can be used in (management's) decision making's process.  I like that you've correctly identified that a CRM will be required in order to create, organize, maintain, and extrapolate this data into info. However, you've failed to tell me whether merely an OPERATIONAL and/or an ANALYTICAL CRM will do the trick? What aspects of each will help create the info you've identified(e.g. traffic monitoring, smart shelf, customer retention etc)? Which one would be more appropriate to employ here, given the value proposition and revenue model of WorkForce? Make the link clear of HOW employing a CRM will help realize WorkForce's value prop+ revenue model.      

Personal data from employees

employee info

we could also ask our partner companies/employees contracts and data of employees finishing contact time

Group 320 GoodFoods

Adequate   I like how you've identified 4 key info area's that the company will need to look into in order to fulfill its value prop + revenue model (.e.g " Customers, Supplier, Inventory, and Competitors"). In many cases however, you've listed merely data, and have not shown me how say "inventory turnover" for example will be meaningful to management's decision making processes.  Remember, data is merely raw facts. Information is where you show how one can manipulate data( whether it be through aggregation or whatever) to turn it into useful information that can aid management in their decision making processes. I like that you've correctly identified how some operation CRM technologies ( " smart shelf" and "traffic monitoring") will aid you in your data collection/information conversion. Now take it one step further and tell me why operational CRM capabilities ( and not DBMS and/or Analytical CRM) will suffice in helping GoodFoods realize its value prop +strengthen its revenue model capabilities.     Furthermore, I would have liked to have seen more analysis on what information would help GoodFoods realize its revenue model + what technologies could assist it in doing so.

Since our company is based on a sales revenue model, in order to predict revenue and future customer demand to adjust the inventory levels accordingly and delight our customer, we need information about:

Group 315

Good - Thank you for clearly re-stating your value proposition. "Whether customers prefer quick or detailed services" was a good informational insight; one that management could use in their decision making process. I liked how you EXPLAINED how you would create this information ( "surveying" + "talking with patients" to collect data").  Please keep that up. I also like how you've explained that a "secure database" wil keep "patient info confidentional" and that you've shown how this CLEARLY links to enhancing the value proposition of Datamed. Also, I like that you've identified that "Operational Front Office" CRM will be required for secretarial purposes. That's great, but now just take it one step further, and tell me HOW exactly this will fulfill the value proposition! For "Finding out what customers think of our service" and how you can improve it accordingly, you may want to employ a suite of Analytical CRM services- just a suggestion. This is something you should perhaps consider for your interim project. Lastly, I would have liked to have seen more analysis done on HOW all of these technologies you've recommended would fulfill Datamed's Revenue Model and explicitly "help reduce costs and increase revenues." Overall, however a good start!

Value proposition: To provide patients with the best quality of health-care service and to keep their information confidential on all levels.

Group 314

Weak -   You've made an attempt at identifying some of the informational needs, but have left out a considerable amount of information that would be relevant to enabling VAnalyst in "reducing its costs, increasing its competitive advantage, and bolstering its customer service in a 360 degree manner."  Most of the information you've identified relates only to "customer service." Also you've failed to tell me HOW to go about creating and obtaining this informatio. Which current technological capabilities should VAnalyst leverage? (e.g. employing a DBMS perhaps, an operational and/or analytical CRM). Merely telling me that we can get our information from "applications/programs" is not enough. You need to tell me HOW specific technologies in turn support the company's revenue model and fulfill the company's objectives of reducing its costs and increasing its competitive advantage.  

Value Proposition

Revenue Model

Group 312: MoveIT

Adequate to Adequate + You've made a ( somewhat good) attempt at telling me WHAT information the company will need; information that will be important in the decision making processes of management. You've correclty identified that MoveIt will need to "take all data and analyze" it in order to realize the information requirements you have outlined. Now take it one step further and tell me exactly HOW will they do so? WHAT technologies or systems will they leverage( e.g. DBMS, Operational CRM, Analytical CRM) in order to to "take all data and analyze" it effectively in order to help MoveIT fulfill its value proposition and revenue model. Remember, your course notes can be a great source of help to you!

Value Proposition

Revenue Model

How to Create

Group 311 Good Foods

  Adequate +   Good Start. You seem to have touched on the key informational needs, and a few of the ways in which this information can be obtained. However, take it one step further, and tell me WHICH part of the value proposition and/or revenue model each piece of information and subsequent technology will bolster. For example, a "database for all purchases" could help GoodFoods improve its sales and better integrate its internal processes. Also, tell me explicitly WHAT technologies and systems can be used to create the information (you're correctly identified) on the mindmap. Eg.  Would a DBMS be sufficient? Or should GoodFoods consider implementing a comprehensive customer CRM? An Operational CRM and/or an Analytical CRM? Leverage the information provided to you in your course notes and in class.

value proposition

revenue model

Group 308

Adequate I like your analysis of what and where you can collect information to achieve your value proposition and revenue model. I would recommend you to focus on one or two marketing schemes instead of three different marketing plans. However, I would like to see more how you can use CRM to your advantage. For example, CRM can generate very useful infomation from the data collected and help you to build a business strategy or improve customer service.

Revenue Model

Value Proposition

New node

Group 309 - MoveIT

Weak+ I agree with the information and data needed for MoveIT in order to achieve value proposition. However, how would you collect the information and data? Online and paper survey? Competitors? Moreover, I would like to see how you can use technology (CRM) to benefit MoveIT. For example, can CRM benefit your customer service? And I would like to see the explanation why you need these data.

Value Proposition

Revenue Model

Group 310 - CityWorkforce

Adequate- I agree that competitor's data is needed to measure your performance. Apart from that, I believe the feedback from your clients is also important. Also, I would like to see how technology can help City Workforce to improve their service.

Competitors' Data to better compete and know market situations

Data collected through online submission and resume evaluation

Value Proposition: Offing the greatest number of quality short term employees connected to the greatest number of employers. Expanding this with multiple matching algorithms and a remote work capability to expand the network

Revenue from Connecting Employees to Employers

Group 304-VAnalyst

Adequate- I agree with the information needed to achieve your value proposition. You also mentioned using CRM to your advantage. I would like to see more explanation on it and therefore you can improve customer service and customer satisfaction.

Value Proposition: To provide "Simple Financial Help" in order to grow our customer's wealth while planning for their future

Revenue Model

Group 303 - VanRealty

Weak Instead of just collecting information from customers, I would like to see more how you can take advantage of CRM systems to help to achieve your value proposition. For example, preferencial data collected can be analysed by Analytical CRM and provide some very useful information to the company.

Value Proposition

Revenue Model