the prehistory of Denmark

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the prehistory of Denmark by Mind Map: the prehistory of Denmark

1. The early iron age age in Denmark started at 500 until 400 AD

2. The early iron age or the metal age is divided in to 3 parts which are: PreRoman (500 - 1BC), Celtic Iron Age (1 - 200 AD), and the Early Roman Iron age (200 until 400 AD).

3. In around 500 BC people began to not use bronze and they had started being depended on using iron

4. They had started using iron than bronze because it was much more stronger and sustainable for them to create weapons and tools.

5. The farmer in the Iron age lives together in a small, fenced village

6. Because area near Denmark (western Europe) was colonized by the Romans, it had creates an impact of social change in Denmark

7. In the Celtic iron age there were some unusual rings face masks and rings found that were found in the avaldnes.

8. The coper age in Denmark was from 4500-2500 BCE.

9. In Denmark there are no copper age and there for they skipped copper age from the archeological timeline of Denmark. the coper age was just because of the raw use of coper

10. The bronze age of Denmark was from 1700 - 500 BC

11. The new metal of bronze, was imported to Denmark from foreign.

12. In this time jewelry, weapons, and tools were made from bronze and gold

13. The domesticated horse was introduced to Denmark in the Bronze Age. Together with the sun and the ship it became a central element in the religion of the Bronze Age.

14. There were no Informations about the metal age of Denmark

15. Most of the people in the stone age of Denmark were vikings

16. In some Denmarks islands, such as Bornholm, there were approximately 300 carved stones with some circular patterns carved in the stone. And the stones were found in the shores of the islands. Due to their circular carved shapes they resemble fields and grains, and also some of the other stones were carved with patterns.

17. They usually make a healthy bread for eating

18. The food in the stone ages were breads and they were very healthy

19. their houses were usually made out of hey and straw

20. Some interesting axes from the stone ages of Denmark; the tools were some axes and the axes' blade were made by stone and the handle were made by some wood, and they are also very necessary for the people in stone age period of Denmark.

21. One of their technology are called “Speareheads”, and they are sharpened stones which became blades for them to hunt