Plan to Improve English Skill

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Plan to Improve English Skill by Mind Map: Plan to Improve English Skill

1. Problems to develop

1.1. speaking

1.2. readibg

2. Purpose to improve speaking skill

2.1. Can speak English in the class smoothly when present the project and public speaking.

2.2. Can speak English step by step

2.3. Can remember and spell the vocabulary.

3. Step to Improve English Skills

3.1. Create the topic that we want to talk.

3.2. Search for in formation that relate to the topic.

3.2.1. internet Youtube Google TED

3.3. Analyze and synthesize the information that we have searched.

3.3.1. eg. talking about animals find the main idea in the information. what? where? when? why? who? Find the new vocabulary

3.4. Plan steps what we are going to talk .

3.4.1. draft on the papers or note on the Microsoft word etc. Use Grammarly apps to check your grammar writing.

3.5. talk to the public

3.5.1. Talk in the class

3.5.2. Take a video and post it in the internet.

3.5.3. presentation

3.6. Reflection

3.6.1. friends

3.6.2. teachers

3.6.3. your self

3.7. Take the disadvantage and try Improve it