Training Map

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Rocket clouds Training Map by Mind Map: Training Map

1. Assessment

1.1. Sales

1.1.1. Enter the system and convert a lead

1.1.2. Creating opportunities in the system given a scenario

1.1.3. Properly generate a quote based on a product and pricing scenario

1.2. Sales Support

1.2.1. Locate and update opportunities based on support scenario

1.2.2. Ask for assistance using cases based on a given scenario

1.3. Fulfilment

1.3.1. Demonstrate a full walk through of the fulfillment process given a scenario

1.3.2. Creating and Entitlement in the system for a given scenario

1.4. Customer Support

1.4.1. Demonstrate you can properly organize and work on practice case load base on a scenario

1.5. Billing

1.5.1. Creating a billing record based on a billing scenario

2. Badges

2.1. Sales Management

2.2. Support Management

2.3. Fulfilment Management

2.4. Billing Management

3. Evaluation Data

3.1. Converted leads

3.2. Worked opportunities

3.3. New Cases

3.4. New Entitlement

3.5. New Billing records

4. Evaluation Questions

4.1. Did the user properly navigate?

4.2. Did the user know what data they need to enter into which area?

4.3. Did the user know how to use the system to solve a problem they are presented?

4.4. Did the user properly navigate a workflow for their decided solution?

5. Concerns

5.1. Access To The System

5.2. Environmental setting in Salesforce

5.3. Data input affecting live data

5.4. Scheduling training during business hours

5.5. Modality of each lesson

5.6. Minimum passing grade for badge