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Follow Beth - 3 - jun 13, '07 by Mind Map: Follow Beth - 3 - jun 13,
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Follow Beth - 3 - jun 13, '07

CPsquare as anon protif

History of these calls



John Smith

peeked at Beth's blog

Beth Kanter

Games for Change, 2 days, Mixed reality panel, Beth facilitated, mixed media, AVatar in SL, Skype call, Power points, Twitter, Many layers, another communitiy

Netsquared meeting in SF, slideshare, Powerpoint, NPtech communinty

Etienne Wenger

Interested in emergent commnity that Beth's pulling together

mari ann

Foundations Workshopo Participatint

New Zealnad

Cristina Costa

Was in George Siemens forum last week

Final comments


overwhelm & human values


Very interesting to hear about



at Games for change, How measure learning, Old metrics don't work, Research & learning environments, redefines research

Research,,, 13 different tools, Horizon report,


rephrase JDS question: where's the potential


ready to form


a lot of potential

trying to build up framework

Jumping from one platform to antoher


Dealing with skype

WiA has an email list as a launching pad, Home is "the Yahoo group", Becoming a webheads Yahoo group

Beth's role as "Network weaver"

Meta facilitator

Where is it?

Distributed CoPs around SOcial media apps

list of them

is there such a thing, should there be?

Multi-membership coach?

Content and technology

NPtech on face-book, not just tagged

Beyond NPTECH tag stream






Yahoo pipe

various ones

merge RSS feeds & refine

Hard to use?, Sus couldn't get it to work, Geeky people who made it work, Insert things in the tag stream that SHOULD be there

Can use / subscribe to other people's pipes


delicious tag

only used by 29 people


email version

different audience

blog summary


completely based on individuals, whatever Joe says in interesting should be tagged, Ed could use

Sus: it looks silly

Non profit island in SL

It IS a CoP

CoPs need for a place, which comes first? the place or the community?

Can we separate social from technical?

Intoxication of the technologies

What's happening in Non profit technology about social media

Difference between a CoP and a network

value of a messy stream

Where does it lead?

A developmental view, not just an information pipeline, Am I connected to the right pipeline, Correcting each others' use of a tag is a sign of community formation

Many communities are forming in Beth's world

what comes out of all this beyond the geeky pleasure of mashup?

That's the reason for the summary

Platform Jumpers

Were on facebook a few months ago

NPtech folks on facebook


Many forms

Human aggregator, Scoble's methods


Supported by the technology

Workshop quiz by beth

how many RSS feeds do you follow

a dozen, follow the aggregators

several hundred

How identify them?

a subject-matter aggregator

Do communities form around aggregators

hierarchies of aggregators


practices developed slowly

work did not happen in real time

What happens to our skills & their relevance