My Weekly Routine

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My Weekly Routine by Mind Map: My Weekly Routine

1. Sunday : It's Sunday which means I have church at 9:00AM. I wake up at around 8:20AM and then take a bath. After that I go straight to church. After that I often go to a restaurant and buy some food. Then, I go home and just play until I get bored. Then I eat my dinner and you know, play more :> After playing I just do my homework if I have some more. If not I just play more games or study for monday.

2. Saturday : Ah, It's Saturday. The day that I'm basically free. But still, Saturdays can be boring sometimes. Not if I go somewhere though. Sometimes I go to a friend's house or the cinemas. But I stay at home often. Which gets pretty boring. I mean, I'm fine with it though. No more studying :> At around 7:00 PM I go do my homework. I eat the same time as every other day. Same with breakfast, lunch, everything. Then I go to bed at around 10:00PM because I've got church the day after.

3. Friday : Yay! It's the end for school! Also this is the day where I study 3 lessons that are only available on Fridays. As you can probably guess, Friday is my favorite day because its the end of the school :>, also just because it's Friday. I just like the word "Friday". But it's exactly the same as the other days. But I don't do my homework on Fridays. I also sleep later at around 12:00PM.

4. Thursday : Thursday is a lot like Wednesday. Cause uh I pretty much do the same thing everyday, but little things make my day interesting, Mostly the internet :>, like Youtube, Instagram and stuff like that. I do my homework if I have some and then I go to bed. End of story.

5. Tuesday : Tuesday for me is almost the same as Mondays for me. Just different school activities like scouts or extra classes. Well it's probably because I don't have any tutoring this grade. But still, I need to learn my ass off in order to get good scores on my tests. Still the same as Mondays, I do my homework, eat my dinner and then go to bed.

6. Monday : I wake up at 06:00 AM, then take a bath and get ready to go to school. I go to school at around 6:40 AM and arrive at school on 6:50 AM. I do my daily routines at school and then come back home at around 3:40 PM. I then eat my lunch. Then I usually sleep, but if I don't I ride my bike around my residence. Then I take a bath at around 5:30 PM and then do my homework for the next day. I eat my dinner and sleep at around 11:00PM. That's it for the Monday.

7. Wednesday : Wednesday is a hell of a lot better than mondays and tuesdays. It's mostly because I go home earlier. Same routine for the morning and school. I have sports on this day though that's pretty cool. I go home faster at around 3:00PM. Other than that, everything is the same. I know, sad right? I do my homework and then go to bed.