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Benito Chavez Operating Systems by Mind Map: Benito Chavez
Operating Systems
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Benito Chavez Operating Systems

Sources 2011

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Smartphone Operating Systems

iOS/ iPhone

Pros:, Amazingly smooth, UI is Awesome, Apps always work, Software and Hardware Designed to work together

Cons:, No Flash Support, Almost no Customaziation, Can't download third party apps

Windows 7 Mobile

Pros:, Good UI

Cons:, Everything else


Pros:, A wide range of devices and carriers, Flash support, Open-source platform, Easy to root, Customaziation

Cons:, Fragmentation due to manufacturer skin and lack of baseline specifications for devices, A wide range of devices and carriers, Don't expect updates unless you have a nexus, App Store is cluttered with junk and non-working apps


XBox 360

Pros:, Online gaming is great, Good size controllers, Built in Wi-Fi (On new Models)

Cons:, Rrod, You have to pay to play online, Controls use a AA battery (Rechargeable batteries sold separately)

Playstation 3

Pros:, Its free to play online!!!, Blue-Ray player, Controls are rechargeable, Built in Wi-Fi, Very Reliable, Better graphics

Cons:, Free to play online, Can't play music while playing games (Double Con!!), Controllers are small


Pros:, Exclusive Nintendo games, More for kids, Really fun since you get to move, Cheaper

Cons:, Lack of games, Lacks HD capabilities, Graphics