TEDxRotterdam2011 Haiyan Wang

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TEDxRotterdam2011 Haiyan Wang by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam2011 Haiyan Wang

1. what will the next 10 years look like

1.1. big transformation

1.1.1. Emerging markets will grow very fast and will have a big global impact

1.2. drivers

1.2.1. rise of emerging market

1.2.2. emerging economies are now 1/3

1.3. multipolar, but also integrated

1.4. buildingblocks for winning org.

1.4.1. cultivate global mindset openness knowledge diverse culture market

2. cultivate a global mindset

2.1. deepen knowledge

2.1.1. e.g. unilever

2.2. one company culture

2.3. globalize corporate brain

2.3.1. globalize nerve center for descision making

3. Leading China expert

3.1. Profile on TEDxRotterdam site

4. intro

4.1. 3 types of people

4.1.1. make thingshappen mindset mental gps

4.1.2. observed

4.1.3. wake up: what happend

5. facts

5.1. we didn't map all the facts

6. the world is becoming

6.1. multipolar

6.2. integrated

7. that's where you belong, that's where you'll lead

8. questions

8.1. What about creative power of China?

8.1.1. iPhone is designed in US, assemled in China

8.1.2. when China catches up US wil be one of the few polars togehter wth EU and India