Jeffrey Cardona Operating Systems

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Jeffrey Cardona Operating Systems by Mind Map: Jeffrey Cardona Operating Systems

1. Smartphone Operating Systems

1.1. iOS/ iPhone

1.1.1. Pros: Overall Speed Very Fluid look and feel

1.1.2. Cons: Cost lacks flash

1.2. Android

1.2.1. Pros: Free Market Pro to open source

1.2.2. Cons: Used throughout different brands which leads to inconsistency different versions are used on different phones

1.2.3. Ice Cream Snadwich

1.3. Windows 7 Mobile

1.3.1. Pros: clean uncluttered interface responsive U.I ( user interface )

1.3.2. Cons: Used also on many phone formats, leading to inconsistency Lack of cut and paste feature

2. PC Operating Systems

2.1. Ubuntu 11.04

2.1.1. Pros: Free Secure

2.1.2. Cons: Not easy to use for Mac and Windows Users Limited to the latest innovative applications

2.2. Windows 7

2.2.1. Pros: Gaming Everyone uses this operating system

2.2.2. Cons: Expensive Very bad security

2.3. Mac OS X

2.3.1. Pros: Sheer innovative look and feel Strong and stable

2.3.2. Cons: Tech Support Lack of hardware upgrading

3. Tablet Operating Systems

3.1. iOS5

3.1.1. iPad2 Pros: Sleek design like Mac OS Stable Cons: Pricey Lack of Tech Support

3.2. Android

3.2.1. Pros: Can be used on many different Tablets For the Open type user

3.2.2. Cons: Not Stable on different platforms Look and feel on the different platforms

3.3. Windows7

3.3.1. Pros: Everyone Uses it Up to date applications

3.3.2. Cons: Security Cost

3.4. Dual Boot

3.4.1. Pros: Use of two operating systems Open to more applications

3.4.2. Cons: Takes up more space and resources Cost of purchasing another OS

3.5. Kindle Fire

3.5.1. Pros: Cheap Storage is on the cloud

3.5.2. Cons: No webcam lacks applications


4. Netbook Operating Systems

4.1. Chromium

4.1.1. Pros: Speed Saves on the cloud

4.1.2. Cons: Would not be able to dual boot Less resources

4.2. Windows7

4.2.1. Pros: Application resources Operating everyone uses

4.2.2. Cons: Expensive Security

4.3. Linux

4.3.1. Pros: Free Customizable

4.3.2. Cons: Lack of updated applications fewer applications

4.3.3. MeeGo

5. My devices and my operating systems

5.1. PC

5.1.1. Windows 7

6. Gaming

6.1. Playstation

6.1.1. Pros: Connection to an external HDD Graphics

6.1.2. Cons: Prone to more online cheaters Playstation 3 move controllers are like Wii Controllers

6.2. XBox

6.2.1. Pros: Less online cheaters Wireless Motion gaming

6.2.2. Cons: Limitation of 4 peripheral controllers Fee to play online

6.3. Wii

6.3.1. Pros: Inexpensive Easy to use

6.3.2. Cons: Low graphic quality Lacks online gaming

7. Sources: ME!