Input Devises/Output Devises

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Input Devises/Output Devises by Mind Map: Input Devises/Output Devises

1. Scanner

2. Ink Jet Printer

3. Keyboard

4. Graphic Tablet

5. Sound Output

6. Flat Panel Monitor

7. The flat panel monitor is a LCD screen that has a transparent thin film transistor controlling each pixel, so response, contrast, and viewing are much improved. A challenge is the expensive to buy or fix it.

8. The sound output produces sound to have game effects, music, etc. The challenge is that the motherboard needs to be working but high quality external speakers or headphones are required.

9. The keyboard is used to enter information into the computer and can be used to type commands directing the computer to perform certain actions. Improper use can lead to functions not working properly or keys falling.

10. A graphic tablet consist of electronic writing area and a special pen that artist can use to create graphic images. It is pressure sentive so pressing hard can lead to damage.

11. A scanner is a device that images a printed page or graphic by digitizing it. If the glass break or gets ruin, it will pick it up an be part of your graphic or text.

12. Some photo quality ink jet printer has more color of ink. The printers are inexpesive but the cost of ink cartridges and special paper can make then costly.