KI in Brecht's Galileo

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KI in Brecht's Galileo by Mind Map: KI in Brecht's Galileo

1. Language

1.1. do people think differently in different languages

1.2. how do language barriers obstruct our access to truth

1.3. How does language affect our perception of truth?

2. Emotion

2.1. are emotions obstacles to knowledge?

2.2. Can emotions be 'switched off'?

2.3. is it the quality of quantity of emotions that differ between human beings?

2.4. how much of scientific research is fueled by emotions

3. Sense Perception

3.1. Why do people depend on their use of sense perception to learn about the universe

3.2. why is sense perception essential to new discoveries?

3.3. how can we control our senses?

3.4. why do people rely on objects that stimulate to the senses to show their faith?

3.5. why do people have strong sense based reactions to their physical environment

4. Reason

4.1. how does sense perception affect reason?

4.2. why does reason sometimes get outweighed by emotion?

4.3. does reason outweigh our level of sense perception