Going Green!

Save the Earth! Let's help Mother Nature! In this map, you will see causes and effects of man's activities, things about air, water, and land pollution, and tips to go green. To help this planet, read this map!

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Going Green! by Mind Map: Going Green!

1. Pollution

1.1. Air pollution

1.1.1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

1.1.2. Carbon Monoxide (CO)

1.1.3. Smoke

1.1.4. Smog

1.2. Land pollution

1.2.1. Lead (Pb)

1.2.2. Mercury (Hg)

1.2.3. Arsenic (As)

1.2.4. Insecticedes

1.2.5. Landfills

1.3. Water pollution

1.3.1. Insecticides

1.3.2. Foundries

1.3.3. Underground Water Leakage

1.3.4. Acid Rain

1.3.5. Lack of Oxygen (O)

2. Causes and Effects

2.1. Vehicles

2.1.1. Cars, Buses, Lorries, Aeroplanes (Cause) Non-hybrid vehicles generate poisonus gases to the air that flatten up our ozone layer. (Effect)

2.2. Smoking

2.2.1. People (Cause) Smoking will release smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) to the air. (Effect) [Please take note that smoking is bad for your health. It is NOT cool to smoke!]

2.3. Factories

2.3.1. Manafacturers (Cause) If they make plastic, they would need to heat them up to make plastic but they would release smoke, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide to the air. (Effect)

2.4. Electrical Appliances

2.4.1. Air-conditioners, Ovens, Microwave Ovens (Cause) They use too much electricity. (Effect)

3. Ways to Go Green

3.1. Conserve Electricity

3.1.1. In summer, use fans instead of air-conditioners.

3.1.2. In winter, wear a sweater instead of heaters.

3.2. Driving

3.2.1. Drive more hybrid cars.

3.2.2. Drive less SUVs.

3.2.3. Car pool instead of driving your own vehicle.

3.2.4. Take public transport instead of driving your own vehicle.

3.2.5. Ride a bicycle instead. Cars release harmful gases to the air but a bicycle doesn't.