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Cesar Tello Smartphones by Mind Map: Cesar Tello Smartphones
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Cesar Tello Smartphones



Thin Film Transfer Technology LCD Display, Pros, Saves on Energy Costs, Sharp Display, Cons, Issues with Color Rendition, Issues in Viewing Angle

Resistive Touchscreen LCD, Pros, Can operate with any pointing devices like stylus, pen, nail etc, Can operate at any level of humidity, More accurate than capacitive touch screen!, Cons, Poor visibility in sunlight, mostly due to multiple layers reflecting light!, Screen, being sensitive at the upper layer, can be more vulnerable to scratches!, Multi touch support not available yet

Capacitive Touchscreen LCD, Pros, Multi touch support available, Visibility good even in sunlight, Not prone to dust particles, Cons, Doesn't work with inanimate objects/fingernails/gloved fingers, Need to have atleast 5% humidity to achieve capacitive effect, More expensive than Resistive touch screen

AMOLED, Pros, Less power consumption, Sharp display with superior brightness, contrast and viewing angle., Faster color switching, Cons, Poor sun light visibility., It is costly.


Opera Mini and Opera Mobile

Pros, Simple-to-use tabbed browsing interface, Fast performance

Cons, Doesn't support extensions

UC Browser

Pros, Fast and efficient, Nice design

Cons, inconsistent and often inaccurate page rendering, Some sites are restricted


Pros, Social network-friendly (twitter, facebook integration etc)

Cons, Inferior load times, Flash games and apps are not supported

Bolt Browser

Pros, Flash, HTML Video Playback Support, Easy to Use Interface, Desktop-Like Browsing

Cons, Plenty areas need improvement such as stability, advanced features and more preformance.


Pros, Features Gesture browsing, Comes with app made for downloading youtube videos

Cons, At times, laggy preformance, Costs 5$ for premium version that cuts ads

Smartphone Operating Systems


Pros:, Open source, Lots of apps

Cons:, Slow updating, Content Security

Android from Google is an excellent choice for those users interested in a variety of applications. This system is usable on many kinds of phones and works well with most carriers as well. However, this system has a few drawbacks when it is compared to Apple. For those users that prefer great games, Android is not the greatest choice. Those people looking for web browsing and navigation will appreciate the many great upgrades over the past few years for Android.

iOS/ iPhone

Pros:, Currently top mobile OS, Twitter integration

Cons:, Does not support Adobe Flash, using Mail and Notes with iCloud requires creating an account

Apple is indeed a giant when it comes to technology and smartphone comparison. The iOS includes awesome apps while also being a leader in some areas like gaming. The sad aspect of iOS is no one can easily add an application like you can for some other systems. While you can’t upload your own apps, you can certainly make up for it in the infamous Apple App Store. Keep in mind that the Apple iOS has been durable and dependable since its first introduction.

Windows 7 Mobile

Pros:, Stunning UI, Comes with an excellent productivity suite

Cons:, Limited apps, the good ones cost money., doesn't support HTML5-based websites

The latest Windows Phone 7 smartphones operating systems is an unbelievable and pleasant surprise for many users. While most people never dreamed Microsoft would come up with a smartphone OS worth discussing, much less using, the introduction of one so grand is certainly enticing. For many users, this choice is the greatest of all, whether you are new to this technology or to making a smartphone comparison.

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