Validity and Reliabilty

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Validity and Reliabilty by Mind Map: Validity and Reliabilty

1. Validity

2. Construct Related

3. Content Related

4. Criterion Related

5. Content Related- The extent to which an assessment procedures adequately represents the content of the curricular aim being measured.

6. Criterion Related- The degree to which performance on an assessment procedure accurately predicts a student.

7. Construct Related- The extent of which empirical confirms that an inferred construct exists, and that a given assessment procedure is measuring the inferred construct accurately.

8. Reliability

9. Stability

10. Alternate

11. Internal Consistency

12. Stability (test-retest) -Consistency of result among different test. Give the same assessment twice separated by days,weeks,month.Reliability is stated as the correlation between score at Time 1 and Time 2.

13. Alternate- Form consistency of result among two or more different form of a test.Reliability is stated of correlation between score Test 1 and Test 2.

14. Internal Consistency- Consistency in the way an assessment instrument item function.Compare one half of the test to the other half of test.

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