Object-oriented Approach - UML

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Object-oriented Approach - UML by Mind Map: Object-oriented  Approach - UML

1. Use Case Modeling

1.1. 1. Initial Use Case Modeling

1.1.1. Actor Type Primary Secondary Goals Deliverable Actor Specification Card

1.1.2. Use Case Description Actors Involved Deliverable Initial Use Case Description Context Diagram Use Case Diagram

1.2. 2. Base Use Case Modeling

1.2.1. Sunny-day Scenario Pre-Condition Flow of Events Human <--> System Human <--> Human (As transition) Post-condition Assumption Priority Alternative Flow Suggest alternative flows for Elaborated Use Case Modeling Source

1.2.2. Deliverable Base Use Case Description

1.3. 3. Elaborated Use Case Modeling

1.3.1. Rainy-day Scenario Conditional Flow Extended Use Case Additional/Optional Functions Included Use Case Repeated/Duplicated in multiple use cases

1.3.2. Deliverables Elaborated Use Case Description Refined Use Case Diagram

1.4. What is a Use Case?

1.4.1. Functions

2. Diagrams

2.1. Behavioral

2.1.1. Sequence Diagram One Scenario (Sunny or Rainy) of One Use Case

2.1.2. Behavioral State Machine Diagram Various States of an object of a Class (from the Class Diagram) over its life

2.2. Static

2.2.1. Class Diagram Base on "Base Use Case Descriptions" of the whole system