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Mind Meister by Mind Map: Mind Meister

1. K-2

1.1. Robinson

1.1.1. This would be a really good tool for a book study with my higher group! So exciting!!

1.2. Burns

1.3. Toro

2. 6-8

2.1. Gerhardt

2.2. Gerald

2.3. Rogers

2.3.1. To brainstorm outline before writing essay; to learn vocabulary; to preview new unit or topic

3. 3-5

3.1. Krull

3.1.1. My students can make a Powerpoint on the standards being taught.

3.2. Desir

3.3. Mallinson

3.3.1. We are using it to think about questions for our book club. I look forward to solving how students can interact with it.

4. Explain one example of how Mind Meister can be used in your class.

5. Renaissance

5.1. Fine

5.1.1. When developing our ArtsPark Invitation as a class project with each student providing information and critiquing to develop an advanced piece.

5.2. Fiorella

5.3. Diaz

5.4. Brazeal

5.4.1. Brainstorming Ideas for any upcoming Engineering Project. Thank you for doing this example as it is more clear now!

6. Directions: Read the question in the white bubble . When you have found your name, click on the bubble and then click the addition sign to add a connection to answer.

7. Getting Started with Mind Meister