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Beliefs by Mind Map: Beliefs
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Brian Klemmer


Tithing puts us in a position to be blessed. Tithing is giving to wherever the spiritual nourishment is coming from. Tithing is the beginning - it's a great way to combat scarcity thinking. Every act of giving combats scarcity thinking. Another key element in States and the Subconscious Mind. If you honor Me with your firstfruits, you will overflow with abundance. Proverbs 3:9-10


40 Days of Prosperity Attached: I take the second tenth and invest it into stocks, real estate, or something that is for the sole purpose of increasing my net worth because when I give to myself, Im changing what my subconscious says about me. It starts saying I am wealthier. It says I am worthy. I am born in God's image and I am a King. I am able to receive because I feel worthy to receive. I am worthy of the finer things in life. (Sources: Compassionate Samaurai, 40 Days of Prosperity)


Humility is understanding that God is the source, not you.


If I invest 30 minutes in each of these categories 5 days per week, I can have so much content and become the world's leading authority in each of these areas. I have the passion to do this. ANd I am implementing it into my schedule.


Valuing the worth of things. It will always ensure that I am not overspending or being unncessarily wasteful. Having a budget or a plan for how you allocate your income is a system. I have a budget and a financial ledger to track my income and therefore my outcome, of course, incorporating the supernatural favor of God and blessings of Prosperity through confessions and I shall implement those and they are in my financial ledger mindmap. No matter how much money I earn. It's a way of thinking.


I am forced to always see solutions because I always ask, "How can I joyfully go about solving this riddle in a passionate and fun way? How could I do it? and Why would I love to see it happen?" If they won't refuse a reasonable offer, maybe they won't refuse an unreasonable offer! I am looking for HUGE deals and allow myself to dream of the possibilities. There's always a way because I am committed! There are an infinite number of ways, even when they are not visible. A solution might involve people who I don't know personally yet but I DO HAVE ACCESS TO THEM! It might involve money that isn't YET in my possession or that I cannot see, but that's okay with me because I am extremely good at raising capitol!


I can imagine it getting better! WAY BETTER! I am imagining it getting WAY BETTER RIGHT NOW! All good things must last forever! I knew it could go on like this forever! It's FANTASTIC! Oh this is GOOD, it's getting even BETTER?! YES!! IT'S GETTING BETTER RIGHT NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS! THE LORD IS MY SAVIOR!


Psalm 23:1 THE LORD is my Shepherd [to feed, guide, and shield me], I shall not lack. There is no lack. There is more than enough. I am more than enough. Thus, there is an abundant supply of everything I need! My truly abundant mind-set is never swayed by the economy, recessions, or inflation. I am always well grounded in the reality that if abundance doesn't seem to exist, then I'll have fun receiving and co-creating it with the Creator who loves me. I realize that God's universe has more than enough resources to go around, enough to make everybody happy and full. I have built my character of abundance, it lives deep inside of me so that I don't have to think about it. I think abundance no matter what. I take on life, and I look for challenging problems to solve. The challenges squeeze me, and my character traits like integrity and abundance emerge. When life squeezes me, my greatness comes out!


How to Beat Temptation. Put no confidence in your own flesh to resist temptation. Flee from it instead using the way out. I believe I can fleeSexual pornographyhas no hold on me I'm able to fight it every night and day I believe there's a way,Fleeing is what I do instead of choosing to stay I believe I am attracting my ideal mate and am seeing her that vision of her coming out of the pool in the black sexy european one piece or bikini. I see me running through God's open door I believe I can flee!

How do you change belief systems?

By repetition and emotional involvement. The more emotion is involved, the fewer repetitions are needed. The less emotion involved, the more repetitions are required.

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Dickens Method

Tony Robbins

The video from Tony Robbins and the text from it and those beliefs from the tape listen to DVD and do the exercise on Money showcase if and put mine on there



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