Internet of Things

Internet of Things mindmap by Lily Tribel

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Internet of Things by Mind Map: Internet of Things

1. Gateway and Network

1.1. Wide Area Network

1.1.1. LPWAN (Low-Power Wide Area Network) LoRa Sigfox NB-IoT (3GPP)

1.1.2. Cellular Network 3G 4G LTE LTE-A 5G

1.2. Ethernet

1.3. Gateway Control

1.3.1. Micro-controller

1.3.2. Radio communication module

1.3.3. Signal processing and Modulator

1.3.4. Access point

1.3.5. Embedded OS

1.3.6. SIM Module

1.3.7. Encryption


1.4.1. Zigbee

1.4.2. Bluetooth

1.4.3. 6LowPAN

1.4.4. WiFi Infrastructure mode Ad-hoc mode

1.4.5. Vendors Huawei Brocode-Ruckus Ubiquiti HP/Aruba Cisco

2. Sensor Connectivity and Sensor Network

2.1. Sensor Network

2.1.1. Wearable Devices Shoes Watch Glasses Belt Pacer

2.1.2. LAN WiFi Ethernet

2.1.3. PAN UWB ZigBee Bluetooth 6LoWPAN Wired

2.2. Sensors/Actuators

2.2.1. Sensors Temperature/Humidity Sensor Pressure Sensor Solid State Catalytic Gyroscope Photochemistry Image Sensor GPS Photoelectric Infrared Accelerometer Ultrasonic Sensor Flow Sensor

2.2.2. Actuators Electrical actuator Mechanical linear actuator Hydraulic/Pneumatic actuator

2.3. Tags

2.3.1. RFID (Chip and Antenna) Low Frequency RFID (10 to 30 cm) High Frequency RFID (10 cm to 1 m) Ultra-high Frequency RFID (12 m)

2.3.2. Barcode 1D 2D

3. Tiers

3.1. Cloud Computing

3.2. Edge Computing

3.2.1. Fog computing Fog computing node Storage Computing Device management Resource provision Fob abstraction

3.2.2. Mobile edge computing MEC Host Apps Apps MEC Controller

3.2.3. Cloudlet Cloudlet host VM 1 VM 2 ... VM n Modem Cloudlet Architecture Cloudlet layer Node Layer Component Layer

3.3. End Devices

4. IoT Companies

4.1. Atmel Corporation

4.1.1. IoT Hardware

4.2. Android Things

4.2.1. IoT Software Android based embedded OS Java Based environment (based on C++ based Brillo Google Project) Supports Raspberry Pi 3 Things Support Library Things Support Library API Examples

4.3. Samsara

4.3.1. IoT Solutions (HW,SW and Network) Plug and Play Technology IoT Gateway for Vehicles Wireless Environment Monitor Software Solution Driver App Dashboard Fleet Management Industry IoT Solutions GPS Tracking Dash Cam WiFi Hotspots

4.4. ZingBox

4.4.1. IoT Security IoT Guardian Deep learning algorithm based security solution Enforces trusted behaviour to IoT devices Focuses on data protection

4.5. Uber

4.5.1. IoT Applications

5. Architectural Considerations

5.1. 'Thing' Authentication and Authorization

5.2. User Authentication and Authorization

5.3. IoT Public and Private Key Management

5.4. Thing to Thing access control

5.5. IoT Low Overhead Protocols

5.6. IoT Low Complexity Processing

6. Application

6.1. Sector

6.1.1. Healthcare E-health Personal Security Body sensor based customized healthcare systems

6.1.2. Facility Management Home automation Building automation Campus automation

6.1.3. Transportation Road safety Emission Control Toll Payment Real time traffic monitoring other ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications Road condition monitoring Traffic light control Navigation control

6.1.4. Military Command and Control Communications Sensor network Situational Awareness Security Information Military Networking

6.1.5. Manufacturing Monitoring production chain Automating production chain

6.1.6. Retail Customer Privacy Business Transactions Business Security B2B Sales and Logistics management

6.1.7. Energy and utilities Measurement Provisioning Billing of utilities Gas Water Electricity Pipeline monitoring Tank monitoring Powerline monitoring Trespassing and Damage Management

6.1.8. Environmental

6.1.9. Agriculture Area monitoring Condition Sensing Fire Alarm Trespassing

6.2. Horizontal

6.2.1. Fleet management

6.2.2. Security Surveillance applications alarms Real time people/object tracking and monitoring

6.2.3. Supply and provisioning Freight supply Distribution monitoring Vending machines

7. Management Service

7.1. Device Management

7.2. Data Management

7.2.1. Sensor data management Periodic IoT Sensor data requires filtering Aperiodic/non-periodic event triggered IoT sensor data may require immediate delivery and response

7.2.2. Dataflow management

7.2.3. Information access, integration and control

7.2.4. Information extraction and processing

7.3. Security Control

7.4. Information Analytics

7.5. Process Modelling

8. IoT Market and Industry

8.1. Connected Apps and Process

8.1.1. Shared economy Doctor on demand MakeSpace

8.1.2. Smart Consumer/User Facilitative Reality Google Glass Microsoft Cartana Oculus Tessera Lytro Connected cars Ford Sync Android Auto Chargepoint Connected homes ADT Smart Home Leviton Security and Automation Vera Smarter Home Control Smart health Telcare castlight

8.1.3. Smart Enterprise Transportation metromile Zonar Retail ibotta RetailNext Building and Construction Savant Control Manufacturing Intel Edison 3D Systems Autodesk Oil and Gas Energy eMeter Tendril Healthcare PracticeFusion CoreCloud

8.2. Connected Intelligence

8.2.1. Smart Data Big Data Experian MongoDB Data Security IRONKEY Guidance software AI & Machine Learning Google Brain DataSift nVIDIA

8.2.2. Smart Cloud Cloud Life Cycle App Direct Docker Event & Cloud Integration APPIRIO Digital Ocean SnapLogic Data Center RFCODE Peak 10 Data Security Auth0 CODE42 IaaS DropBox serviceNow PaaS Amazon Web Services CloudBees

8.3. Connected Edge

8.3.1. Connected and Autonomous Things Wearables androidwear fitbit Vehicles Uber Telenav Mapbox Drones Lockheed Martin Airware Robots Liquid Robotics Rethink Robotics Machines Atmel IMPINJ

8.3.2. Smart Networks VPN/Network Security BELDEN SKYBOX Secutity Ethernet Wired cisco Jasper Aerohive networks Platforms Samara BSquare MFormation Satelites Spacex Orbital Insight WiFi eero

9. IoT and M2M EcoSystem

9.1. Services

9.1.1. BSP (Business Service Providers/Business Solution Providers Jasper Wireless ECHELON KORE Axeda ei3

9.1.2. System Integrators and IoT Solution Providers for Enterprise HP Qualcomm Deloitte IBM Accenture CSC

9.2. Network

9.2.1. Network Operators, Communications Service Providers and Transport Infrastructure Providers Verizon Sprint AT&T cisco Vodafone T Deutsche Telecom

9.3. Hardware

9.3.1. Manufacturers of GPS chips, wireless sensors, wearable devices, actuators and embedded hardware devices Sierra wireless Qualcomm Sixnet Apple Sony Samsung LG Motorola Texas Intruments

9.4. Software

9.4.1. Software Manufacturers, middleware and application infrastructure vendors, IoT OS providers Oracle Apple Honeywell Google Samsung Qualcomm VMWare GE SAP