RecPlay collective

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RecPlay collective by Mind Map: RecPlay collective

1. Ideas

1.1. Graphic score

1.1.1. 8x8 grid numeric / chess related methods graphic score | sequencer | projection graphics

1.1.2. duration: 45 minutes


1.2. Light Emitting instruments

1.2.1. tripod beamer

1.2.2. strobe airpump

1.3. Floor covered with smoke?

1.3.1. maybe created by chemical sisters dry ice tryout thursday smoke in blowup?

2. makers/players

2.1. Daan & Ofer

2.1.1. bigfader vertical

2.2. Hadas

2.2.1. wheel shutter light sensor

2.3. Antal & Casper

2.3.1. string Wii remote slide/bend/pluck

2.4. Violet & Yerry & Amelia

2.4.1. 3 RGB light controllers air controlled 3 primary colours 3 different kind of windmills

2.5. Melissa&Nanda

2.5.1. jumping sound keyboard switch blowup a baloon

2.6. Mikhel

2.6.1. step sequencer punching

2.6.2. cubes stacking up pressure sensors

2.7. Desh

2.7.1. accelerometers airdrums Airdrummer as conductor

2.8. IRRITANTE PANDA Collective

2.8.1. Dewi & Rachida chemical controller for light/ sound battery

2.8.2. Ben joystick's alternatives pins horizontal controls could be hanging from the ceiling like tentacles controls on the floor with a strong base so you can move them around easily

2.8.3. Sidekicks Nenad Floating Graphical Score needs more hands to pull the strings Maxiumum four floating planes content Unused

2.9. Willem

2.9.1. huge plastic

2.10. Arjan

2.10.1. video control Storm Cloud Using a fan and attaching strings to it with little white pieces of paper attached to those string. Then when the fan start to blow the pieces of paper will fly up into the air but because of the strings the can't really fly away. By this we create a projection screen in the form of a storm cloud of little pieces of paper. Then we can use one beamer to project visuals on the cloud from above. Sequencer Illumination Use 2 beamers to project on the sequencer table from above to visualize the sequence created. This by projecting the different waveform in the sequence on which they are played on the different white plates. This does mean someone has to program this within max msp. Light Feedback Table Box A normal light table with a camera above it. By using different video mixers you can create several layers of feedback and by using a different filters and effects you create more abstract visuals. Then on top of the light table somebody will move around several layers of transparent sheets. Feedback Camera A video camera that records close up shots of the different interfaces when played ths video will be show with several layers of feedback and different effects added to it.

3. Units