NetWeaver KM

Architecture and key features of SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management (KM)

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NetWeaver KM by Mind Map: NetWeaver KM

1. Repository Framework

1.1. Repository managers

1.1.1. Framework resources Can be collections that contain other resources hierarchically organised Structured and/or unstructured content Aspects Basic Advanced Expert

1.1.2. Information sources (repositories) Document management systems File systems Databases ERP systems Etc.

1.2. Repository filters

1.2.1. Manipulate resources

1.3. Repository services

1.3.1. Handle resources

1.3.2. Additional data for resources

1.4. Global services

1.4.1. Functions on resource relationships

2. Knowledge Management

2.1. Flexible UI framework

2.1.1. Navigation thorugh hierarchies in repositories

2.1.2. Flexible rendering of resources

2.2. Index management

2.2.1. TREX