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PS 204 Media Literacy & Communications Map by Mind Map: PS 204 Media Literacy & Communications Map
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PS 204 Media Literacy & Communications Map


Who are the point people for each of these Calendars? 

Public/Community (active now)


Grade Level


Other Public Website

Class Web Pages


Community Calendar

Basic Brochure info about the school

Teacher links

Student Goals (2012-13) [See individual skills]

Research Skills

Online Collaboration

Student Portfolios in google docs

Media Literacy (higher order thinking and use of digital resources)

Question: what amount of time/ focus/ regularity are you asking teachers to devote to this? Skills practice time (monthly) + 2 projects a year?

Basic Computer Skills

Staff Goals (2012-13)

Manage staff documents in Google Docs (PS 204 All Staff Folder)

Manage Student Work in Docs (grades 2-5)

Integrate Routine Skill Building

2 Culminating Projects

Manage Class Web page/site

Using Technology to Differentiate (Access Points to writing)

Note: the goal of Rhys & Corinne is to help you wrap all of this into efficient blocks of time where multiple goals are met. We want to use lab sites on grade levels where teachers are not comfortable with certain activities.

Learn Basic Google Docs Skills (aka "Google Drive")

Increase Parent Involvement

PD Plan


How to group staff for PD

Workshop Days

All Staff Skills Workshop

Next Steps

Weekly tasks:

Reports & survey

Staff Goals (2013-14)

Class Website Usage (group PD focus)

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