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PS 204 Media Literacy & Communications Map by Mind Map: PS 204 Media Literacy &
Communications Map
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PS 204 Media Literacy & Communications Map


Who are the point people for each of these Calendars? 

Public/Community (active now)




Field Trips

Fire Drills

Grade Level

Look at K



equipment checkout

field trips


building events Public Website

Class Web Pages

Blog or links to Google Docs folders, Homework, Announcements, Student work, Newsletters

Photos/slideshow in Picassa

Links, parent tips, extension activities, recommended websites

Curriculum Outline, Pages per unit, link to unit plan, research links (could be built by kids during units), blog of student work


Ms. Lehmert? is point person? Harkins? Paras?

Ms. Nissing handles office announcmements

Admins eventually

Community Calendar

Basic Brochure info about the school

Teacher links

Link to ATLAS


Student Goals (2012-13) [See individual skills]

Research Skills

Search Best Practices: keyword strategies, etc.

Image search

Content Search

Source Citation

Source Validation (Who wrote it? Why trust them? Who else says the same thing?

Online Collaboration

Student Portfolios in google docs

Media Literacy (higher order thinking and use of digital resources)

Connect fundamentals of literacy to multimedia, Audience, Tone, Purpose, Logic

Access information

Think critically about where it comes from

Think critically about how you combine media to communicate

Question: what amount of time/ focus/ regularity are you asking teachers to devote to this? Skills practice time (monthly) + 2 projects a year?

Basic Computer Skills

Keyboarding Skills

Word Processing, New, Open, Cut, Copy, Paste, Quit, Page Setup

Powering up and logging in to computer

Staff Goals (2012-13)

Manage staff documents in Google Docs (PS 204 All Staff Folder)

204 Administrative Docs (CEP, Forms), How-to Documents, Forms, Custodial Form, Tech Support Request Form, Templates, letterhead, memo, schedules, newsletter, CCLS, Teacher Effectiveness (Danielson PD, etc.), Danielson, Professional Goals, Admin Memos, CEP

Clusters, Content area, Curriculum, Schedule

Grade Levels (i.e. Grade 1), Teacher Folder, Schedule, Reading Data, dra, Ren. learning, Writing Data, template, baseline, mid-line, endline, Math Data, baseline, mid-chapter, chapter assessment, Curriculum Maps, Unit/Lesson Plans, Newsletters (i.e. Miskimmons), Protocols: Baseline, Midlines, etc.

Manage Student Work in Docs (grades 2-5)

Each student makes a folder and shares it with teacher

Students could have content area folders, and a "portfolio" folder (optional)

Teachers would be best off learning to manage student accounts in Google Apps (changing passwords, etc.)

This will require set up of accounts. Who's doing that (beyond R&C)?

kids login is included in the portfolio

2nd half of year for 2nd grade

Integrate Routine Skill Building

K/1 Activity Websites

2/3 Typing Practice, Typing practice games, Reinforce with google docs

2/3 Web Research Best Practices, Learn keywords, search terms, Do within real units

2/3 reinforce & assess above through Small Scale Independent Digital Productions, iMovie, Presentations (google), Glogster

4/5 reinforce & assess above through Independent Digital Productions, Google Presentations, Screencasts, iMovies, Voicethread

How would you like to approach this when pulling out laptops? Where does it fit?

2 Culminating Projects

K-1 ongoing media production

2-5 2 projects per teacher per year

Building on models from last year

K-1 Group projects with teachers assisting with the computers.

2-5 Varying levels of independent student productions

GOAL: Design projects that align with CCLS & develop media literacy (understanding concepts + hands on practice)

Manage Class Web page/site

Using Technology to Differentiate (Access Points to writing)

Blogging or publishing writing on google site

Publish video or multimedia work that is based on solid writing or demonstrates clear communication standards.

Note: the goal of Rhys & Corinne is to help you wrap all of this into efficient blocks of time where multiple goals are met. We want to use lab sites on grade levels where teachers are not comfortable with certain activities.

Learn Basic Google Docs Skills (aka "Google Drive")

Upload & Convert Documents, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, .Notebook, other...

Create new Google Docs, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms, Drawings

File "Make a Copy"

Rename Docs, click the title, naming conventions, class number, teacher/student name, OR grade level

Organizing Docs in Folders, Move Docs to Shared "Collections" aka Folders, Create new Collections, GOAL: search for, or upload existing Docs and file them in the shared folders

Beyond..., Collaborating on a Document, Sharing Docs outside of the folders, "Organize" docs into more than one folder, Upload photos of student work, Annotate/Comment on Docs, Embed Docs in Google Sites, Create Forms for surveys & quizzes, Create self-grading quizzes

Increase Parent Involvement

afterschool workshops

Build-in time for parents to collaborate with students on real projects afterschool

involving students as facilitators (2nd and 5th grade?)

PD Plan


base level of communications know-how

2 projects per teacher

clear vertical integration of tech skill development

How to group staff for PD

Teachers Observing Teachers

Teacher Lab Sites

Group by skill level for communications workshops

Group by grade level for project planning

Workshop Days

All Staff Skills Workshop

Group them by skill level



Google Docs, Google docs management of classroom, Google docs school folder organization, Surveys: for monitoring student discipline, Google docs basic word processing & collaboration, Google docs management

Google Accounts, gmail (forwarding & contact lists)

iPad basics and planning

Next Steps

Setting up Student Accounts

Rhys & Corinne map skills & project with Grade Teams in Fall

Weekly tasks:

Update grade level websites with teachers, Photos of work, Photos of classes, Curriculum blurb, Statemen from student

Check in production timeline

In class skill building help/monitoring

Google apps/ docs support, Folder management, Student docs monitoring

Reports & survey

Here's what the teachers can do

Data, Based on need, Rating on a rubric "as evidenced by/.."

Based on chancellors expectations OR implementation of common core

Add evidence to the survey (what does it look like)

planning; pedagogy; instructional practice; content building ie deeper understanding of what's being taught; assessment ie desired results; classroom environment; 1e, 3b, 3e (Danielson, but don't say it's Danielson)

Staff Goals (2013-14)

Class Website Usage (group PD focus)

Add Curriculum Support Resources to Class Sites, Curriculum Research Resources, Activity sites & Tools

Newsletters, Required in Google Docs


Get a pro Voicethread Account ($1/student)

promote conversations