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C-PTSD Psycho-ed/Emotion regulation group by Mind Map: C-PTSD Psycho-ed/Emotion regulation group
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C-PTSD Psycho-ed/Emotion regulation group

Prepare Information Meeting

Facilitation Plan

Get refreshments

Sort materials/info to be printed

Decide on dates and duration of course

Points for education programme

Structure of each session

Information Meeting

General Learning Points

1. What is PTSD? - Overview

2. PTSD as a disorder of memory

3. PTSD as an inappropriate fear response

from 1st group they would like

Working on now

4. PTSD - Avoidance and Grounding

5. Physiology - PTSD and the Brain

6. Information about PTSD treatments

7. Review and feedback session

Background to development of PTSD

Concentrate on particular symptoms in following sessions?

normal course of PTSD

Sleep disturbance

Responding to PTSD experiences

??? Could go through the various symptoms in each session ??



What does treatment involve?

Guilt and shame

Post traumatic depression

Developing Treatment Goals

Points for the emotion regulation programme

Adapt attentional training from Wells

Principles of grounding

Grounding techniques


Self compassion work?

Values work??

Attentional training

Detached mindfulness

Monitoring triggers

Setting up personalised responses to difficult emotions


The group as experts

There seems to be lots of good stuff in the DBT work book


Jon Allen

Ground rules for group

Respect for others in the group

Commit to coming and on time

Put together on flip chart

initial contact


go through care co-ordinator

Enfield Tasks

decide on facilitators

identify people

invite them

identify time & book room

prepare sessions

do group!!

Info so far

Unified Protocol

Psycho-ed stuff prepared by Katherine

to delete

Information Meeting

Haringey Tasks

decide on facilitators

identify people

invite them

identify time & book room

prepare sessions

do group!!

icon signifies for manual

Collaborative development programme

questionnaire at the end of each session