metazoa, porifera, eumetazoa

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metazoa, porifera, eumetazoa by Mind Map: metazoa, porifera, eumetazoa

1. porifera

1.1. known informally as sponges

1.2. sedentary

1.3. live in marine or fresh waters

1.4. filter feeders

1.5. water is drawn into the ores by a cavity called spongocoel

1.6. water then goes out through an opening called the osculum

1.7. lack true tissues and organs

1.8. spicules

1.9. Choanocytes

1.9.1. flagellated collar cells

1.10. Amoebocyte

1.10.1. found in the mesohyl and play roles in digestion and structure

1.11. Sponges consist of a gelatinous noncellular mesohyllayer between two cell layers

1.12. hermaphrodites

1.12.1. Each individual functions as both male and female

2. eumetazoa

2.1. clade of animals with true tissues

2.1.1. muscle and nervous tissues

2.2. Basal eumetazoans

2.2.1. are diploblastic

2.2.2. include the phyla ctenophora and cnidaria

2.2.3. have radial symmetry

3. metazoa

3.1. common ancestors

3.2. clade

3.3. monophyletic

3.4. all animals