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1. Guideline to close the projects comprehensively

1.1. Verify and document the project deliverables

1.2. Formalize deliverables by customer or sponsor

1.3. Investigate and document the reason for actions taken if a project is terminated BEFORE completion

2. Definition

2.1. Formally ending either the project or project Phase, finalize all activities and completed across all Project Management Process Group

3. Importance

3.1. Helps to avoid unfavorable and adverse scenarios.

3.2. A project that is not properly closed can leave the organization in liability

3.2.1. for example: incomplete payments on contracts, liable to customers for incomplete scope, or liable to regulators for incompliant practices and/or products.

3.3. Inherent Industry Best Practice

3.3.1. To define and dissect a project into phases may prove extremely useful

4. Procedure

4.1. Develop 2 procedures

4.1.1. Contract Closure Contract Closure must occurs first before the project is closed out Formally close all contract associated with the completed project Product verification (all work completed correctly and satisfactorily) Procurement Audit (Process that formally evaluate the performance of the supplier based on the contract as well as the efficacy of the procurement tool)

4.1.2. Administrative Closure Actions and activities to define the stakeholder approval requirement Detail ALL activities, interaction, & related roles/responsibility of the project team member and other stakeholder Expert Judgement Data Analysis Meetings Detail activities to verify ALL deliverables have been provided and accepted , and validate that completion and exit criteria have been met Milestone List Quality Control Management Quality Report Requirement Documrntation Risk Register Risk Report Lessons learned Collect project records, analyse success or failure The information need to be as valuable as possible Archived project info for future use

4.2. Once administrative closure is COMPLETED and FORMAL SIGN-OFF; the project is CLOSED

5. Formal Sign-Off

5.1. Indicate the customers considers the project completed and accepts the whole project

5.2. Constitute legal acceptance