Just a mindmap of electricity, circuits and their concepts. I do not have all the information as unfortunately, I am only P6... :(((

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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. More bulbs added = Dimmer bulbs but less energy used

2. Conserving Electricity

3. Bulb Parts

3.1. Filament ( Made of tungsten)

3.2. Metal Tip

3.3. Metal Casing

3.4. Glass Casing

4. More bulbs added = More energy used but has same brightness of bulbs as before.

5. Ways

5.1. Use energy-efficient house appliances

5.2. Turn off all house appliances when not in use

5.3. Close the door and windows when the air-conditioner is turned on

5.4. Use fans more than the air-conditioner

6. Circuits

6.1. Series

6.1.1. More batteries added = Brighter bulbs but more energy used

6.2. Properties

6.3. Parallel

6.3.1. More batteries added = Same brightness of bulbs and saves more energy

7. Ohm's Law

7.1. Current = I

7.2. Resistance = R

7.2.1. V = I x R

7.3. Volts = V