Lost & Found

mind map for my NaNoWriMo novel!

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Lost & Found by Mind Map: Lost & Found

1. Cover

2. summary

2.1. Della lost her jacket on a field trip. Follow the ridiculous string of events that brings it back to her. This story uses different narrators, different tenses, and different narrator types (first person, third person) each chapter like a string of short stories. maybe you'll even get in on the action.

3. My Geistesblitzes

3.1. the jacket should end up in front of her locker

3.2. revisit jacket and della

3.3. della puts up lost posters

3.4. someone puts up found posters

3.5. someone takes the jacket before della gets to it

3.6. hello

3.7. everyone deserves a chance to be understood

4. Plot

4.1. Della Lindsey

4.1.1. on her way to a field trip to the science museum Dr. Mona Wroni works at science museum, gives the children the tour weak sense of right and wrong; Kleptomaniac. Takes Della's jacket.

4.1.2. not very popular, bright, unreliable narrator

4.1.3. klutzy?

5. Excerpt

5.1. Bad news cures all things. At least, it did in this situation. We all sat nervously at our desks, waiting for Principal Peters to come though the door to take us on our field trip to the science museum. The nervous laughter had started and quickly morphed into nervous chatter. The doorknob began to turn and everyone hushed and sat up straight. Instead of our principle coming through the door, his secretary Miss Kinton burst through it looking very flustered. “Sorry kids, bad news,” she said as everyone held their breath, “Mr. Peters called in sick today and he won’t be able to make it… so… uh… I’m going to chaperone instead.” Everyone exhaled a sigh of relief. We were all really looking forward to this field trip, but Mr. Peters, the strictest principal in the world would have ruined it for us. Ms. Kinton was nice, but she was a pushover, and everyone knew it. This would be the best field trip ever. At Ms. Kinton’s signal, we all hopped out of our seats, filed down the hall, through the main doors and out into the parking lot. We paired up and jumped on the bus, our fast chatter resuming. We sped out of the parking lot and through the streets; Mr. Nelson was never a careful driver. Before any of us knew it, since we were all absorbed in our conversations, we were there. We came in and were instantly greeted by our guide. She wore a navy blue uniform consisting of a skirt that looked dreadfully itchy, and a blue blouse to match. She wore heels that clicked while she walked across the stone floor of the museum. “Hello children,” she said in an accent I couldn’t quite place, “Today I will be your tour guide; My name is Doctor Mona Wroni.” I still didn’t know where she was from, but I liked the way she said her name. The boys in the class giggled. Even though they only knew her name and that she had a PhD they had fallen for her. She was relatively pretty, but I was starting to believe those boys just fell for anyone of the opposite gender. Doctor Mona obviously picked up on it but she ignored them and stayed on topic. “So we’ll be heading over to the dinosaur exhibit first.” Everyone went “OOOOOH,” some sarcastically, some honestly. I rolled my eyes at both groups. I almost said aloud, How old are you? Doctor Mona picked right up on our apparent excitement and ushered us towards the exhibit. Giant bony creatures met our eyes as we came through the small stone arch labeled ‘Dinosaurs.’ The ‘OOOHs’ started up again, but this time I joined in. They were really magnificent. I decided I should write a poem about them later. I wanted to stay with them for a long time, but too soon Doctor Mona ushered us out. We went to the planetarium and the stars glowed from every angle. It was spectacular as well. We saw all sorts of exhibits that were equally exiting. I even began to have a sudden interest in science. The day passed by too quickly though, and we had to leave. We had already gotten on the bus and pulled away when I realized, “Where’s my jacket?!”