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1. Spaniards

1.1. In 1521, European specifically Spaniards in search of spices stumbled into the Philippine Archipelago

1.2. Christianity was introduced and form that own Filipinos practiced monogamy

1.2.1. Colorful Rituals

1.2.2. Celebration like feasts

1.3. New traditions and cultures have emerged.

1.3.1. Language

1.4. During their reign, there is a growth of literature, art, science, and industry. The religious orders established schools and colleges, founded libraries and museums, and set up printing presses.

1.5. Every bright side has a downfall, Spanish were cruel. This cause Filipino revolution and the rising of Filipino Nationalism. Spanish ruled for 300 years.

2. Americans

2.1. On April 25, 1898, the Spanish–American War began. With the loss of its naval forces and of control of Manila Bay, Spain lost the ability to defend Manila and therefore the Philippines.

2.2. Americans seized control of the Philippines for 48 years.

2.3. Philippines was prepared by Americans for independence. Commonwealth is the form of government during the time.

2.4. Americans taught Filipinos new language and introduced new traditions and cultures.

2.4.1. Writing System

2.4.2. American Language

2.4.3. Western Culture

2.4.4. Monetary System

2.5. Americans abandoned the Philippines during the Japanese attack.

3. Japanese

3.1. Japanese become involved in World War II.

3.2. Philippines was left by the Americans and has been neglected and did not possess sufficient military supplies.

3.3. Japanese attacked the Philippines 10 hours after attacking the Pearl Harbor.

3.4. Japanese bombed Manila after MacArthur declared it an open city the day after.

3.5. During the Japanese control, cruelties aroused.

3.5.1. Women were raped and harassed.

3.5.2. Captured soldiers were tortured.

3.5.3. New government was introduced.

3.5.4. New monetary system begun.

3.6. HUKABALAHAP was founded. It is a revolutionary army.

3.7. Japanese colonization lasted for only 3 years but that was the darkest years the Philippines had experienced.