Retrieving Girls

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Retrieving Girls by Mind Map: Retrieving Girls

1. What are some fun ways we can have beautiful girls come to us?

1.1. Movie

1.2. Photography

1.2.1. Harp White

1.2.2. Successes Sophia

2. What are some websites we've used with success already?

2.1. UH Apartment Listings

2.2. Model Mayhem

2.2.1. Send them to a Portfolio of stuff that was done Credibility

2.3. Facebook

3. What are some things that we need to learn?

3.1. Mindmapping the entire Love System and the Magic Bullets

4. Three Action Steps Today

4.1. Create Director Profile on Model Mayhem

4.2. New node

5. Where is there the hottest amount of chicks statistically?

5.1. Hawaii

5.1.1. Specific Bottlenecks & Times University of Hawaii New node

5.2. Australia

6. What is the highest porportion of success?

6.1. Girls that are sitting down at a table

6.1.1. Talk for 15 minutes

6.1.2. Thumb Wrestle

6.1.3. New node