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Free Online tools for by Mind Map: Free Online tools for
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Free Online tools for



Up and coming website. Like a visual Wikipedia. Information is visual and it is something that can be watched.

upload videos from your mobile phone and share with others

Upload videos, edit them, add captions and share them with others.

Buzz Feed is a website that helps you find videos that are trending on the internet through different video websites.

Download videos from YouTube, Google, Metacafe, Putfile and more

Easily create animations




Brainstorming/ Mind mapping

A new mind mapping app which can also be used for discussions and sharing

Taking Notes/ Bookmarks

create and share online notes with your friends from your browser and phone

Google Bookmarks

Taking notes or creating an online voice journal

Create a collaborative cork board to share notes / ideas / reminders


Google docs

online mind mapping tool

An online whiteboard where others can be invited to collaborate.

Documents display beautifully in your browser. No Flash or plugins required.Add comments, highlights, drawings, and other markups to documents and imagesInvite others to collaborate in real-time or embed documents on your website or blog

Free family free builder. You can invite family members to collaborate and work on a family tree together. Can also be used for projects to collaborate on building a family tree for an individual in history. Mapping the linage of the prophets is always an interesting one!

View web pages together and comment about them.

Create a collaborative cork board to share notes / ideas / reminders

A great website where students can share videos and images and have discussion about them.



Msn Messenger



Many different messaging services on one site.

Google Translate

Great translation tool

Free Fax

Send a free fax using this website

Send a video to any email address

QR hacker


Create a private chat room and decide who long you want it alive for. 2 hours to a year.

QR Code generator

Create a network topic for discussion using cell phones

Social Networks


Searching/ Storing images

Editing images


Search Engines/ Information

Social Searching

search engine for social networks so you don't have to search for pages of posts to find something that was once posted

Stats about how a website ranks

Find the name of a song online


Results from all different search engines in one result

Wolfram Alpha

Great search engine for finding facts and figures. Presents information in tables and can also run comparisons of searches. For instance countries. Reliable search engines.




Find apps for what you want to do for browsers, mobiles and PC.


Online sound recorder

Find the name of a song online


Allows you to record 3 minute sound clips and attach it to a map location.

Another aviary editor. this one able to layer tracks add beats, effects and various pre loaded loops.


Easily draw on maps and then share them with friends, completely for Free! Simple enough to be used by children, but powerful enough to be used by GIS professionals - Scribble Maps is the easiest way to draw and share maps with friends.


Use a map to decide where to meet with friends/ family. works out the most middle place for everyone to meet when going out.


Allows you to record 3 minute sound clips and attach it to a map location.


With Geotrio create and share tours based on map locations that you can also upload your photos to.

Store /Share


Share files online. add and download files to and from dropbox using your PC, tablet or even your phone!

Online File Sharing

File storage online


Upload and share your pdf and ebooks

Easy way to drag and drop files to share


Share presentations made offline and embed in webpages

Great tool to upload documents and embed into just about any website, blog or social network


5 gigs free online storage. access files from a browser, tablet, ftp or phone

Office Software/ illustrative tools





Creating Websites

Other Tools


Great flash countdown timer


Create online word clouds and publish them

Learning to code

Code Academy

Great site for learning to program interactively.

Great site for learning to program interactively.

Code Avengers

Great site for learning to program interactively.

General Assembly

Great site for learning to program interactively.

Learning Language